Posted 14 июля 2023,, 09:46

Published 14 июля 2023,, 09:46

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A power unit was turned off at the Kursk NPP after an attack by Ukrainian drones

A power unit was turned off at the Kursk NPP after an attack by Ukrainian drones

14 июля 2023, 09:46
One of the power units of the Kursk NPP had to be turned off after an emergency with the fall of a kamikaze drone near the station.

«Power unit No. 4 of the Kursk NPP is temporarily disconnected from the grid for repair work,» the station's press service reports.

According to power engineers, on July 13, at 21.30 Moscow time, unloading began at unit No. 4 of the Kursk NPP, commissioned in 1986, to carry out preventive maintenance on the thermal and mechanical equipment of the reactor shop.

«On July 14, around 8 a.m., the unit was completely disconnected from the network in accordance with the design algorithm,» the message says.

The station assured that after the repair, the power unit will be re-connected to the grid.

Currently, only power unit No. 2 remains operating in the generation mode at the station. The third power unit has been stopped for repairs since May 25, the first unit has not been generating electricity since December 2021.

The station notes that the radiation background at the Kursk NPP does not exceed the natural background values.

Kursk NPP, one of the four most powerful power plants of this type in Russia, is located near the city of Kurchatov. The station has 4 power units equipped with RBMK-1000 Chernobyl-type reactors.

The NPP supplies electricity to the power system «Center», which covers 19 regions of the Central Federal District of Russia. Most industrial enterprises of the Kursk region use the power of the plant, and the share of nuclear power plants in the installed capacity of all power plants in the Chernozem region exceeds 50%.

Recall that on the night of July 14, a kamikaze drone exploded near the Kursk NPP. An airplane-type drone shot down by an air defense system fell 4 km from a nuclear power plant. The wreckage of the UAV fell into the Kursk reservoir. According to the head of the Kursk region Roman Starovoit, none of the residents were injured in the explosion of the drone, critical facilities were not damaged.