Posted 14 июля 2023,, 03:58

Published 14 июля 2023,, 03:58

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Explosions thundered in Kurchatov (VIDEO)

Explosions thundered in Kurchatov (VIDEO)

14 июля 2023, 03:58
The drone fell 100 m from the local branch of the FSB.

Videos appeared on social networks showing the sounds of explosions in the city of Kurchatov, Kursk region. The city is located four kilometers from the Kursk NPP. The videos are published in the Telegram channel Mash.

In the video, you can see light flashes, as well as hear loud sounds that trigger sirens on cars. According to the channel, the sounds of the explosion were heard almost throughout the city. No information about the victims has been received yet.

Near the site of the explosion on the street of Power Engineers, the wreckage of drones was found. They got into a residential building, breaking windows. The area is currently cordoned off. It is clarified that the attacking drone was homemade and jet-powered. Local residents said that he was stopped by a spruce tree near the house. The device was equipped with a Taiwanese Kingtech K-210G turbine. Because of its sound, people could confuse a drone with a rocket. Before that, such drones had not been encountered by the APU.

The Shot channel reported that the air defense system (air defense) had previously worked.

In addition, residents of Voronezh also report explosions in the city. Presumably, the air defense system worked.