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New roads and traffic jams at the checkpoint. What is the overland route to Crimea

New roads and traffic jams at the checkpoint. What is the overland route to Crimea

17 июля 2023, 08:43
The route through the new regions of Russia has again become relevant for tourists who cannot get to the Crimea due to damage to the bridge. Novye Izvestia talked to truckers who travel to the peninsula via Mariupol, and found out what surprises this road is preparing.

After another attack on Crimean Bridge the authorities of the peninsula recommended to get to it by land route through new regions of Russia. This route has been in operation for several months, but it is more often used for cargo delivery. Now, apparently, the highway that runs along the coast of the Sea of Azov can become the main one.

As the trucker Alexander told Novye Izvestia, who made a Crimea has already had several flights, the road is now quite passable.

«The coverage is good now», — says the driver, «I returned from there just a few days ago. There are no special problems with the passage. Yes, there are traffic jams at the former customs, both on one side and on the other. But for passenger cars — a separate queue, they move faster. In general, the way is shorter than through the Crimean Bridge, and not so busy. At least, he hasn't been like that lately. There are several checkpoints on the way, which also need to be passed, somewhere they check only documents, somewhere they inspect cars, but otherwise it is a normal route. It goes quietly for half a day. Not so long ago, the Chonganr Bridge, which was damaged after the shelling, began to operate again, which means that the road has become even faster».

Author of a blog on a car website aleksei-me, who drove along the highway in the spring, also expressed the opinion that the highway is quite suitable for driving to the Crimea.

«Ask me „would I go the same way again“ — I answered yes. Just like that and nothing else.
Mariupol must be seen. Right now, while he is what he was left after the fighting. It'll pretty much reformatting your head. The road will be made. She's really great. The future Taurida — I believe in it. What Crimea needs, because the bridge is good, but it can be vulnerable», — the blogger writes.

But what is really needed is a clearer and faster inspection procedure.

«The inspection at the points of entry to the bridge is disorderly, not organized. Some grandfathers who don't understand a damn thing direct the flows, » the traveler writes, «that's how to answer, do you have a lot of things? The devil only knows. We are on vacation — 2 suitcases and 2 small bags. Is it a lot or a little? On the Internet, they advise saying that a lot — they say, then they will be sent closer to some shops. In fact, we stood for 40 minutes without moving, while at that time two hundred other cars drove past us. We were sent to the queue for X-ray machines. He got out — quarreled, sent like everyone else — bags from the car to the building on a tape for inspection. Imagine passing the entire flow of vacationers through two conveyor belts. Have you checked the bags, do you think you will go back to the car? No! The wife with bags in the building, himself back to the car, she will be examined with a mirror, they will climb through all the drawers and then they will send her „over there“. And what's there? You drive — no pointers, no logic. There is no parking for my wife, who has left her belongings in the building of the entrance pass „against the grain“. And if you go alone, what to do? I have not seen more moronism.»


How the path goes


The route from Rostov-on-Don through the new regions of Russia to the Crimea is much shorter than the traditional route through the Krasnodar Territory and the Crimean Bridge. But the travel time depends very much on the situation at the checkpoint. The tourist will have to pass through such settlements as Mariupol, Mangush, Berdyansk, Primorsk, Melitopol. From the border of the Rostov region to the Crimea — about 370 kilometers. The path starts from the checkpoint, there is a gas station in front of it and it is better to fill a full tank at once so as not to worry on the way, although there are gas stations on the highway.

At the checkpoint, cargo and passenger flows will be separated, but organized convoys are allowed to pass out of turn. This may cause a delay. Tourists who have already passed this way, note that at night or early in the morning the checkpoint is faster. But there is the first nuance. There is a curfew in the new regions. Specifically in the DPR, he is with 23:00 to 05:00. So, if you drove into the territory of the republic before 5 am, you need to stand at the curb and wait for the curfew to end.

According to drivers, the road from the border to Mariupol is excellent. It has just been repaired, this section is being passed quickly. It will not be possible to go around the city, so those passing by the destroyed neighborhoods and the remains of Azovstal usually experience difficult emotions.

After Mariupol, the M18 highway begins. It is only being repaired, there are good sections with fresh asphalt on the way, there are unpaved sections or reverse traffic. Closer to Genichesk and to Crimea's road is getting really bad.

There will be more than a dozen checkpoints on the way, at each one you will need to stop, show documents: passport without cover, license and STS. There may also be queues here if the car in front of you starts to be carefully inspected or if you need to skip the column.

Tips for drivers

  1. It is better to refuel in advance, have a supply of water and food, so as not to waste time on stops on the way.
  2. Be extremely careful not to get into an accident, the traffic police are unlikely to come to the analysis. You'll have to deal with the consequences yourself.
  3. Remove the DVR all the way through the new regions. Filming is prohibited here. The military may ask to clear the flash drive.
  4. Toilet stops should be made only at gas stations, roadsides and fields can still be mined, it is better not to take risks.
  5. You need to have cash with you. Cards are accepted at gas stations and stores, but there may be communication interruptions.

As Novye Izvestia previously reported, on the night of July 16-17, as a result of a terrorist attack, one of the sections of the Crimean Bridge was damaged. As a result, two people were killed — a married couple from the Belgorod region. They were driving a car over the bridge. Their minor daughter was injured in the explosion.

Because of the terrorist attack, traffic jams appeared around the bridge. Travelers are advised to look for alternative ways to bypass the crossing — «through new regions of the Russian Federation.»

The first attack on the bridge occurred on October 8, 2022. As a result of the explosion, two car spans were destroyed and cars on the railway bridge caught fire. It was possible to completely restore the destroyed spans of the bridge only by December 5.