Posted 17 июля 2023,, 06:45

Published 17 июля 2023,, 06:45

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The drones of the Armed forces of Ukraine tried to attack the Balaklava thermal power plant in Sevastopol

The drones of the Armed forces of Ukraine tried to attack the Balaklava thermal power plant in Sevastopol

17 июля 2023, 06:45
The strike attempt occurred on July 16 at about 13:00.

According to the telegram channel SHOT, the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an attack on the Balaklava thermal power plant in Sevastopol. The incident occurred yesterday at about 13:00. An unmanned aerial vehicle, presumably of the kamikaze type, was neutralized and fell at a safe distance from the thermal power plant and other facilities. As a result of the incident, there are no casualties and destruction.

The Baza telegram channel adds that three drone attacks were recorded in Sevastopol the day before. In the first attack, at about 10 a.m. on July 16, one of the UAVs attacked the building on Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue, where the Medical On Group clinic, the Nephromed dialysis center and the Atlantica hotel complex are located. The unmanned aerial vehicle exploded on the roof of the building, creating a hole about 30 centimeters in size and damaging the windows.

A second UAV was also spotted over Sevastopol, but the military was able to shoot it down in a vacant lot near Monastyrskoe highway. After that, a fire broke out, covering an area of about 80 square meters because of the dry grass that broke out.

The third attack took place at one o'clock in the afternoon, when a UAV heading for the Balaklava thermal power plant was shot down in the Sapun-Gora area. The drone crashed about 600 meters from the station. As a result of these three attacks, no one was injured.

Earlier today it became known that as a result of an emergency on A married couple from the Belgorod region died on the Crimean Bridge, and their daughter was injured. The Ministry of Transport said that the roadbed on the spans was damaged, but other details are unknown. Ferry crossing between the peninsula and Krasnodar Krai also temporarily does not function. Currently, railway traffic towards the Crimean Bridge has been restored.