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Sharapova's experience was ignored: how the «nominal major» Isinbayeva could avoid bullying

Sharapova's experience was ignored: how the «nominal major» Isinbayeva could avoid bullying

19 июля 2023, 10:41
Next to our famous athlete, there was no one who could help her build the right behavior strategy.
Olympic sports

An outstanding Russian athlete, two-time Olympic champion in pole vault Yelena Isinbayeva has provoked the anger of the patriotic public. This happened, most likely, for an elementary reason: not too, let's say, the smart behavior of the champion herself, which, in principle, is not shameful for a person of physical labor. Moreover, it differed as such repeatedly. One has only to recall her statement that she does not want to live in her native Volgograd because of the poor state of its sports infrastructure, but wants to live in Monaco, and at the same time help the motherland in any way she can.

This time it's even worse: Isinbayeva unsuccessfully responded to the publication of the Spanish edition of El Digital Sur, where it was told that having the military rank of major in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, she nevertheless (Spanish journalists meant, of course, the trials that Russia is going through today) remains to live in her luxury villa on Tenerife.

Isinbayeva explained in her blog (it would have been better if she had not done this, or some assistant would have done it) that her military rank is «nominal in nature», and she herself has never served in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. She was neither a State Duma deputy nor a member of any party.

That is, thus, the champion seemed to disown Russian politics and the armed forces in one fell swoop. And she explained in addition that she loves only sports, and will continue to work in the IOC.

Well, as usual, Isinbayeva called herself a «man of the world» and accused all her critics of envy: «Remember: envy is a destructive feeling, » she summed up.

It is known, meanwhile, that the champion received the military rank of major in 2015 year — in the form of shoulder straps personally from the hands of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in whose company she was photographed in a new uniform.

The reaction of the Russians was not long in coming. At first, the head of the Republic of Dagestan, Sergei Melikov, said that the stadium in Makhachkala, named after Isinbayeva, would be renamed because it received her name six years ago «hastily, without taking into account the opinion of the citizens»: «I assume that people will want to return the former name — „LABOR“ at all. And in honor of Elena Isinbayeva, let them call some gym in Spain, which she preferred to Russia.»

Propagandists did not stand aside either. Sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev asked in a comment Explain to Isinbayev what «nominally» means:

«It turns out that she was a nominal officer, received a nominal salary, nominal benefits? Or is it still not so? It would also be interesting to hear the comments of the military unit that she represented. Was Isinbayeva a nominal officer? If Yelena Isinbayeva defends the interests of the Russian Federation in the IOC not nominally, then her return to work will be useful. And if nominally, it will raise even bigger questions.»

Marina Akhmedova, a member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, editor-in-chief of IA Regnum, also wonders:

«Why? Why and why give out the form to anyone. Is it really impossible to simply respect the honor of the uniform — this one, sewn from ordinary cloth, but having the distinctive signs of the Russian army? And don't turn it into a souvenir. A person of the world who lives where she eats, and eats where she is fed, I don't even ask why she took a rank and put on a military uniform if it means nothing to her. He'll think I'm jealous.»

However, Ksenia Sobchak called the persecution of Isinbayeva another witch hunt: «People, as we see, really like to make „lists of traitors“. Now they have announced harassment against Elena Isinbayeva, a two—time Olympic champion in pole vault.»

Journalists V1.RU Meanwhile, they were sent to CSKA, the club in which Isinbayeva was listed during her sports career, as well as in The Ministry of Defense requests to clarify whether she is an active major of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and whether she has received, and whether she is now receiving monetary allowances or any benefits for this? They have not received an answer yet.

Fortunately, there were also those who spoke out in support of the athlete after all these publications. For example, Professor Mikhail Anipkin, also a former Volgograd resident, but living in England today, noted in an interview that, in fact, Isinbayeva earned her big money by honest, persistent and hard work, and grew up to the present heights from the very social bottom, her father was a plumber, and her mother was a cleaner:

«We were very proud of her. She seems to be a good daughter. With her prize money, they say, she bought her father a „Gelendwagen“. Imagine, a locksmith on „Gelendvagen“. They say my father still works as a locksmith. She's the simplest girl. Not on contracts from the state, not on kickbacks, not on bribes, but with her hump earned her well-being.»

As for Isinbayeva's political tossing, Anipkin was even more definite: «Listen, well, let's not fool around! Putin would not have changed the Constitution without Isinbayeva! Yes, she didn't have the heart to say no to using her name. I didn't like some of her phrases either. But she's an athlete! What the hell do you expect from a professional athlete! A clear political position? Most of the intelligentsia does not have this position, which, by the nature of its activity, seems to have to have it. This is my personal opinion. Now brand me.»

That's right, but you still have to add something important to what has been said. Despite her origin and occupation, Isinbayeva has long been a public person, to whom, as you know, there is a lot of attention. This position is not only pleasant and flattering to self-esteem, but also responsible. Therefore, it remains only to regret that with all the bonuses earned by Isinbayeva, she did not have the means to pay for the services of some smart PR person or lawyer who would tell her how to behave in a particular situation. What to say and what not to say, where to shine and where to hide. A great example for her could be a not-so-titled, but also world-famous Russian athlete, tennis player Maria Sharapova, who has built her career and line of conduct virtually perfectly, so that envious people have practically no chance of hounding her. Maria either has a higher level of intelligence, or the level of professionalism of her advisers is sufficient to avoid such situations.