Posted 20 июля 2023,, 04:45

Published 20 июля 2023,, 04:45

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Stanislav Cherchesov was fired from the Hungarian Ferencvaros

Stanislav Cherchesov was fired from the Hungarian Ferencvaros

20 июля 2023, 04:45
The team was eliminated from the Champions League qualification.

Russian coach Stanislav Cherchesov was fired from FC Ferencvaros in Hungary, club president Gabor Kubatov said:

«The result of my personal conversation with Stanislav Cherchesov is that we no longer work together.»

Csaba Mate will serve as the team's mentor.

Cherchesov's resignation happened after the club failed to reach the second round of Champions League qualification. On the eve of «Ferencvaros» in the second leg of the first qualifying round of the tournament was defeated by the Faroese «Klaksvik». The team failed to score a single year and missed three. The first meeting of the clubs, we recall, ended in a goalless draw.

Cherchesov has been coaching Ferencvaros since December 2021. FC under his leadership twice became the champion of Hungary, won the Cup of the country. Cherchesov has been coaching the Russian national team since 2016. The team reached the quarterfinals of the home World Championship.