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Published 21 июля 2023,, 07:15

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«Fan go away»: the national football championship will be held again with half-empty stands

«Fan go away»: the national football championship will be held again with half-empty stands

21 июля 2023, 07:15
Football fans are still demanding the cancellation of FanID and intend to boycott the next Russian championship.

Today, on July 21, the Russian Championship—2023/24 starts in Moscow with the match «Dynamo» — «Krasnodar». However, there will be no special joy on this occasion in the stands of stadiums. The fact is that Russian football clubs, in fact, again, as last year, the sale of season tickets is failing. This is reported by the channel «Mutko vs»:

«According to my data, Zenit has sold about 3,500 season tickets at the moment, Spartak has sold 3,000 seasonal passes. A little less than 3,000 were sold to Dynamo. 1300 fans bought CSKA season tickets, Lokomotiv distributed about 1000 seasonal passes.»

«Fans don't bend under the „fan go away“, and with season tickets it's really a disaster. The figures are given taking into account VIP lodges. There is one day left before the start of the championship, » adds sports columnist Igor Shulika.

It's all Biden's fault!

Russian fans have not stopped loving football at all. The proof of this was the match for the Russian Super Cup between Zenit St. Petersburg and CSKA Moscow, which took place on July 15 in Kazan with the stands filled. It's just that there was no need for a pass to the stadium.

The expert of the Landskrona channel sarcastically remarks about this:

«The introduction of FanID has put the entire football industry in an extremely uncomfortable position and forced it to look for new forms of work in the current conditions. The result of this work was an atypical departure for our country from traditional values that have been formed for decades. The game of millions has been turned into something between a sport and a circus. It's no secret that more and more often there is talk among fans that the introduction of this system is the work of Biden's accomplices. In this regard, the match for the Russian Super Cup becomes much more than a game for us. This is a unique opportunity for everyone who is heterosexual and also loves their country to unite and present a united front! (…) Right now, when every match is the last, visiting it becomes for us akin to a flight into space. Let's go!»

FanID is another tool for limiting life

The fans themselves on social networks are set up in a militant way and are not going to give in to the state:

— Yes, and with this «fan go away» there is no desire to go to football. Too troublesome. I have a «fan go away», but to go to football with my family or a child, you have to strain yourself very much. Fuck this kind of football

— The point is that Public Services are a convenient tool for interaction with the state. But at the same time, the service becomes a punishing body that:

  1. cannot be deleted after installation;
  2. you are required to read all notifications received in the service;
  3. must follow all instructions received in Public services.

And previously, everyone interacted with the military enlistment office at the age of 18 to 27. And now the framework is expanding. FanID is another tool for limiting the life, leisure and movement of citizens of the Russian Federation. This is another passport with all the consequences. Now he gives the RIGHT to visit. In this case, the right may be restricted for one reason or another.

There is another opinion about this, although, as we see from the results of sales, it is not very popular:

— «Fan leave» doesn't bother me, it's a convenient thing. Poked the numbers on the website when buying tickets and the ticket appeared in your application, you want to transfer it to another in the application poked the numbers of another id and the ticket flew to another owner. Passage to the stadium by ticket, «fan go away» is only needed when buying. What is the problem of getting it, I still did not understand.