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Labor training and drones: what politicians are preparing schoolchildren for from the 1 of Setember

Labor training and drones: what politicians are preparing schoolchildren for from the 1 of Setember

21 июля 2023, 13:29
Ирина Мишина
The State Duma adopted a law on the labor education of schoolchildren. Now students will be able to engage in socially useful work without parental permission. Also, schoolchildren will be obliged to study the principle of operation of drones from September 1. How will all this turn out?


Nina Ostanina, Chairman of the Committee on Family, Women and Children's Affairs, has been assuring for weeks that children will not have to put municipal cemeteries in order and build dachas for school principals. «The essence of the initiative is to give the child additional opportunities for self—development, » the deputy assures.

«All this looks like slavery…»

However, among parents, the attitude to the new law is far from optimistic. The real discussion unfolded on Users express such opinions:

— «That's right. There is a strain with cleaners and janitors in the country. We need to change migrants to the younger generation. Let them get used to the mop and broom.»

— «It's all for the good of the country. And then they throw garbage, they don't clean up after themselves, it's even difficult for them to clean up a basket in the store. They got lazy in the edge.»

— «Work should be paid. And for free, you can only do this voluntarily. In fact, it looks like slavery. First, the school garden, and then what, whitewash the curbs on the streets, and work all over the city instead of janitors just like that? For this purpose, in general, there are appropriate professions — a janitor, a housing and communal services worker, school technicians, auxiliary workers at the school… Who receive a salary for this activity. A friend worked like that at one time at school, it seems, was listed as a „technical worker“ — so she just cleaned the classrooms, whitewashed the walls, and prepared the assembly hall. And it is not necessary to blame everything on schoolchildren in addition to studying.»

Parents also had concerns because the new subject outlined the prospect of increasing academic loads. Indeed, due to what will a new subject be introduced — labor training? After all, the school curriculum is not rubber, and you will have to cut something in the program. I wonder what — mathematics, Russian or computer science? In schools since the new year, through the efforts of the governor of the Tula region Dyumin, far from pedagogy, drawing has already been introduced as an additional subject. Why this very drawing, for example, in language or medical classes, no one bothered to explain. And the increase in the burden on children is simply exorbitant. 7-8 lessons in the 8th grade are already the norm in a number of schools. As a result, by the 10th grade, the school produces almost 100% sick children — a rare student has no problems with vision and posture.

«Everything will depend on the school»

Many people remember that there was such a subject under the USSR — Labor. On it, the boys whittled and sawed, and the girls learned the basics of cutting, sewing and cooking. Now there is another trend. We decided to contact the initiators of the law and find out how labor will be integrated into the school curriculum. Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Science and Education Oleg Smolin gave «NI» such a comment:

«New subjects should not be introduced in connection with the adoption of the new law. We hope that everything will be within the framework of the already existing subject „Technology“. Labor education, by the way, is in the program of foreign schools. For example, in China and Japan. In Japanese schools, where future high-ranking managers are trained, they are required, among other things, to master working specialties in order to understand how and with whom they will work in the future. In US universities, a third of the curriculum is devoted to volunteer projects. This is work in hospitals, helping the poor.»

The initiator of the bill also did not rule out that all this could be the beginning of further «improvement» of legislation in the field of education…

We asked Yevgeny Yamburg, director of the Education Center No. 109 in Moscow, how he was going to integrate labor education into the curriculum.

«I hope there won't be a new subject. In the 90s, we had, in fact, the exploitation of child labor, when schoolchildren cleaned potatoes, worked on cotton harvesting. Now the pendulum has swung in the other direction. Cleaning classes, in my opinion, is normal. Of course, the youngest will not be involved in such work. Reasonable people will be fine, unreasonable people — not normal, as usual. I think that labor education can be combined with project activities. For example, to create startups and earn money, » said Evgeny Yamburg, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, to NI.

Will drones be launched in schools?

From September 1, schoolchildren will have another innovation. They will be taught the basics of using drones in the lessons of initial military training.

«The proposal was developed by us during the work of the section of the Council for the Development of the Digital Economy at the SF and sent to the Minister of Defense of Russia. The proposal was considered and supported, including by the Ministry of Education, » Senator Artem Sheikin told RIA Novosti. «The program provides for the study of types, purpose, tactical and technical characteristics and general device, reconnaissance of the terrain and ways to counter enemy UAVs.»

It is known that back in April, Russian President Vladimir Putin supported the idea of teaching schoolchildren how to control drones. But questions arise. For example, where do teachers get these same UAVs? And how will all this be linked to the ban on drone flights in force since April this year? Where will the children and teachers train? And in what way? And another question: why? What is the connection between schoolchildren and drones?

Recall, Senator Artem Sheikin explains: «From September 1, the basics of the combat use of drones will be studied at the lessons of initial military training.» Involuntarily, I remembered the years of the Great Patriotic War, when children destroyed land mines on roofs. Are times repeating themselves?

«The study of drones is not a problem, » says Yevgeny Yamburg, director of the Moscow Education Center No. 109. «You can study it on OBZH, you can on circles in the system of additional education. It is possible to integrate the study of UAVs into the system of the subject Technology. It all depends on the teacher and the specific school. We have had cases when the holiday of September 1 was filmed from above from a drone, so many people are already familiar with the principle of operation of the UAV. It will only be necessary to find teachers for this. But if there is a young teacher, he will certainly be able to find the principle of work on the Internet, there would be a desire.»

So, military affairs are increasingly being integrated into school curricula. Prior to that, it was reported that Russian schoolchildren were going to be taught military training. The subject in the amount of 140 hours was offered to be taught during the last two years of study.

The question arises about what will happen to the school curriculum. It is interesting that politicians, adding a load to schoolchildren at their discretion, do not care about the health of children at all. To add the number of physical education lessons, for example, none of the politicians thought of it. But the school has become a convenient platform for political PR.