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New teeth for 500 rubles: what is the danger of «home dentistry»

New teeth for 500 rubles: what is the danger of «home dentistry»

21 июля 2023, 09:37
In Russia, drugs for creating fillings and restoring teeth at home have appeared on free sale. Judging by the reviews, the Russians liked plastic teeth. The packaging of such a polymer costs about 500 rubles. We asked the dentists what kind of miracle it was and whether it was dangerous to use it?

Dentistry has always been a kind of medical elite. Even in difficult times, people did not save on teeth. But now, apparently, the doctor with the boron machine has found a replacement. Marketplaces offer formulations for temporary fillings that can be made at home, even a whole tooth can be sculpted. Such materials cost within 500 rubles. In one case, these are small white granules, in the other — bottles from which you need to mix the necessary drug. Product reviews are different from «full trash, money transfer», to laudatory and enthusiastic. The latter, by the way, are more.

«You just need to get used to it. I tried to build up the tooth so that it turned out closer to its color, I kneaded it not in plain water, but with coffee. And to freeze faster, I put ice cream and voila, it's ready. I can't show the photo, I'm shy», — writes one of the customers.

«We need to get used to it. It feels like any plastic in the mouth. After the filling cooled down on the teeth, I removed and trimmed everything superfluous with scissors. Not the most convenient thing to get used to. After pruning, they are still standing firmly», — reports another.

«It turned out unexpectedly well. Formed a tooth, with a visit to the adjacent teeth from the inside and waited for the hardening of the night. By morning, everything was well formed. Of course, you can't drink hot drinks — everything will soften back — and so it's quite acceptable for a while. It does not fall out, but you can take it out and put it back in. Such an antediluvian mini—prosthesis turned out», — the third shares her impressions.

Dentists cannot look at these drugs without laughing, but they recognize that their popularity is growing.

«Looking at the cost of such goods, it becomes clear that the target audience for them will be with a modest budget, such people as the rules in order to save money can buy. Despite the fact that it can be harmful, — says the dentist-orthopedist of dentistry „Radamed“ Krivtsov Grigory. — It's been a long time since these plastic supposedly veneers appeared. It's all not functional. It is not possible to chew and constantly walk with it. It's like buying a toy home, spinning in front of a mirror, nothing more. And temporary fillings look like white silicone or a type of plasticine. These products are designed for short-sighted people who want to save money on the treatment of their teeth. Cheap cheese, only in a mousetrap».


What's wrong with home dentistry?


First, sanitation. How to ensure the sterility of these manipulations at home? In clinics, everything is processed, instruments are calcined, cabinets are quartered. In general, the dentist's cleanliness is almost like in an operating room.

«I studied the offer and did not find the composition of what these drugs are actually made of, » says Yuri Kozaev, deputy general director of the DS dental network, «in any case, these are some kind of polymer materials. We also often use plastics in dentistry, but this is organic medical plastic, which is produced by licensed laboratories. Our materials are safe. What is offered on marketplaces? These plastics, when in contact with a liquid medium, with constant heat, can break down and release some parts of a large polymer. These substances often cause allergies or chemical burns, unnecessary reactions with the body. The second aspect, when we form fillings, we do it according to special principles that we have been studying and training for years. So that chewing is correct and comfortable, so that the teeth get into the correct position. If you put it on the eye, then you can violate these principles, the closure of the teeth will not be anatomical. This will lead to negative consequences, including dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint. When a person chews and something clicks in his jaw, this is just an example of such a problem.»


But why do they still buy?


The answer is simple — the price. Already not cheap dentistry has recently become even more expensive. The reason for this is sanctions, complex logistics for drugs that are still supplied to our country, a small number of Russian analogues.

«Home dentistry is an interesting phenomenon that shows that, apparently, the purchasing power of the population has fallen to low levels, » says Yuri Kozaev, «no matter how much they were afraid of dentists, but they always understood that a certified, licensed doctor is the only option for dental treatment. Let people choose cheaper clinics, but still they were clinics. Now they resort to such things. Services have really become more expensive, complex logistics adds its own margin, plus the cost of materials is growing, there is a small shortage of imported, especially European materials, which were in use from 80 to 90 percent. There are domestic materials and in fact there are a lot of analogues. But literally two or three percent of them are high-level.»

According to experts, the cost of dental services increased by 15% in 2022. At this rate, the practice will soon return, when hairdressers tore people's teeth.