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Published 27 июля 2023,, 06:55

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Anapa and Vityazevo instead of Crimea: what awaits tourists this summer

Anapa and Vityazevo instead of Crimea: what awaits tourists this summer

27 июля 2023, 06:55
After the attack on the Crimean Bridge and the trip through Mariupol, the number of tourists wishing to relax in Crimea decreased by a third. Where did they go? As tourism experts suggest, they turned into Anapa. Numerous tourist portals also call them there.

Yelena Petrova, Natalia Seibil

No matter what lovers of the Baltic Sea and the water temperature of 12 degrees tell, people love the sea warm. We have only one — Black. Or rather, there is also Caspian, but this is definitely for a very big fan — all the responses that were found in The networks about Dagestan were strictly negative — the beaches are bad, the food is one barbecue, and the men are annoying. The Black Sea coast of the Caucasus remains, and there are three main points — Anapa, Gelendzhik and Sochi. There is, of course, Abkhazia and Georgia, but plane tickets have gone up, and by car to You will get tired of going to Sukhumi, and no one has canceled the border. What is the Black Sea coast? These are 160 km of Sochi beaches, 40 km in Anapa and 14 km in Gelendzhik. If you add 30 km of wild beaches with a generous hand, although this is for an amateur, you will get 250 km for the whole country. All these kilometers of coastline, of course, are landscaped with varying degrees of convenience, so people tend to go where there is, where to eat, sleep and relax.

And it's cramped there. This is what a vacation in Anapa looks like this week:

According to tourism experts, the majority of vacationers went to the sea by car this year. After the drone attack on the Crimean Bridge and the explosions of the oil depot, then other objects on the peninsula, lovers of recreation and thrills are now resting. Just lovers of recreation turned away from sin in the direction of Anapa. Sergey Romashkin, Vice-president of ATOR, describes the situation this summer:

— It seems to me that those tourists who traveled by car were planning a trip to the Crimea, and in Crimea this year, mainly arriving by private vehicle, chose not Sochi, and Anapa, since it is closer, almost fits well into the logic of the route to our south. In one case, you turn onto the Kerch Bridge and find yourself in Crimea, and before Anapa is even closer. Therefore, she became a beneficiary. We noticed a slight increase in the flow to Anapa during the week, and in Sochi and Adler did not see such an increase in the flow.

What's up to Sochi «Crimean» did not reach, it is understandable: from Anapa it is still 8 hours by car. But in Anapa itself, hotels are already more than 90% full. The same picture is in Vityazevo — there is also nowhere to fall.

Reviews of vacationers are contradictory. Aktinit75 writes:

«Nerves, not a vacation at a Dirty sea resort, the stench of rotting algae, rotavirus annually, poor quality of affordable food, poor quality of affordable housing (and this is most of it), dirty old buses that do not accept card payments, rudeness, crowds of fans of cheap wine and beer.»

Krupin.S just returned from Vityazevo:

«It's a terrible place, we've never been here, we decided to go, which we regretted very much later, the village is very dirty, you go to all the garbage cans and look at your feet so as not to cut yourself with broken glasses, there's nowhere to go in the evening, some retail shops, the food is all fresh, we rented a room in the private sector on Tolstoy, the attitude is terrible, we arrived from the road, they wanted to refresh themselves in the shower, there was no water, they said the containers were empty, they had to go to the sea from the road, after the sea you will go into the shower, you will lather up — the water is over, do what you want, the gas is barely burning in the kitchen, 1 kettle for everyone, boils for 40 minutes, cooking is not an option at all, the owners treat the vacationers like cattle, in a word, they got fed up, the village itself is in the very distance of the coast, I do not advise going there only nerves and no comfort.»

Elena liked the nature in Vityazevo, but the contingent of vacationers was alerted:

«They drink godlessly, despite the children, there are mats all around, uncontrollably raging and screaming children, there are sooo many people -taking into account the level of culture of this cattle, garbage, bags, bulls, bottles everywhere.»

Alexey Chuprov was in Sukko near Anapa, and he really liked it:

«We really liked the show program „African Village“, the artists perform great. With their interesting dances and beautiful songs, they cheer you up, carry you into the process. Everything bad is forgotten, I want to watch and watch. I recommend you to visit, you will not be disappointed!»

But garikkagarlyk was not very satisfied:

» Welcome to Anapa! Who has a good rest here:
— those who love to swim in the green swamp;
— for those who like to wander through puddles — after all, there are no storm drains in the city;
— those who are insanely pleased with the crush in a close crowd of sweaty citizens walking en masse, eating ice cream and smoking cigarette smoke in each other's faces;
— those who dream of getting under the wheels of scooters and bicycles scurrying in this close crowd;
— those who want to eat plenty of rotten fruits and vegetables;
— for those who do not know how it would be more useful to throw out the entire annual earnings of several hundred thousand.»

By the way, about prices: inflation has reached the rest. According to one estimate, the cost of recreation has increased by 8-10%, in Sochi — by 20%. The director of the tour operator «Riviera» Bella Tarasova answered the questions of «NI»:

— How much has vacation become more expensive?

— About 20 percent. And in the private sector — at the level of last year. There is the lowest percentage of price growth.

— How much will a vacation cost for a family of 3 people?

— From 50 thousand for a week in the economy sector for three, not counting the road. This is the minimum cost at the hotel. In the private sector, you can rent daily, it can be cheaper there.

Sergey Romashkin calculated how much it will cost to rest for 10 days for a family of three people:

— We have an average rest period of 10 days. Three stars without a road — 20-25 thousand per person for 10 days, including accommodation and meals. 4-star hotels — 40 — 45 thousand in 10 days. 5—star hotels start from 6 thousand per day, that is, 60 — 65 thousand per person for 10 days. If we add a road, then the Moscow—Adler- Moscow plane will cost in the range of 15 — 17 thousand per person. The airport does not function in Anapa, so if you are traveling by car, take into account the cost of gasoline. On a train in a reserved carriage, the cost of a one—way ticket is 6 — 7 thousand.

In general, representatives of the tourism industry assure that it will be a little easier in August. So far, a third of the places in hotels are not occupied. Sergey Romashkin assures that if you arrive on August 1, then on August 2 you will definitely be settled.