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Published 28 июля 2023,, 06:16

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The raped cat Grisha has become a symbol of Russian animal protection

The raped cat Grisha has become a symbol of Russian animal protection

28 июля 2023, 06:16
Hundreds of organizations and thousands of volunteers are engaged in helping homeless animals in Russia. But the work of shelters is always survival. You can collect money for cats from dogs only against the background of tragedies, like a cat that was abused.

The story of Grisha the cat sounds terrible. In Vyshny Volochok, random people found the animal bleeding. The veterinarian confirmed that the cat was sexually abused. It was established that the cat escaped from the owners when moving and fell into evil hands. Who did this to him is unknown, the police are looking for him. Now Grisha is being rescued in a Moscow clinic, an operation was performed, the tail was amputated, the wounds are being washed. The condition is severe, sepsis is suspected. There is still an operation on the paw ahead. The story so impressed people that a whole community gathered around Grisha. There are more than 3,000 people in the chat dedicated to the rescue of the cat. Someone writes appeals to the police, someone collects signatures for the State Duma, children draw portraits of the cat in his support, and someone collects money for treatment.

According to animal rights activist Svetlana, many homeless animals have a difficult and tragic fate. But in order to systematically help such animals, we have to bring people to emotions. Every such story is a tragedy, but shelters and organizations need help every day: for food, medicine, veterinary care. However, people are not as willing to give up on the animal protection routine as they are for specific bloody stories.

«Shelters are now surviving with difficulty, because everything is getting more expensive. The price tags are constantly being rewritten, » the animal rights activist says, «indeed, good fees are obtained only on some emergency topics: victims of knackers, for example, or downed animals. When creepy photos appear on the Internet, no matter how cynical it sounds, then there really is a chance to save the animal. People will try to help, and often respectable shelters that work with good veterinary clinics manage to get such animals out. But it's very expensive. And the trouble is that the situation is quickly forgotten. The animal remains a colleague, a disabled person, it is difficult to attach it, and there are not so many funds for maintenance. Therefore, animal rights activists, no matter how much it hurts for the injured cat or dog, need to sensibly assess their strength, whether you can collect the necessary amount, whether you will burn it at a long distance to go out and then keep it. After all, he needs special care. And as for the current needs of shelters, as a rule, the same people list them. And people are not rich at all, they are waiting for a salary to lose two or three hundred rubles. But we are grateful to everyone for this help.»


What is the money spent on


According to animal rights activist Svetlana, the costs of shelters and overexposures are comparable to the costs of pet owners. You just need to multiply the amount by the number of cats and dogs.

«If the animals are sick, they need medical nutrition, it is more expensive, » the activist says, «medicines for treatment or maintenance, if this disease is incurable. For healthy animals, mandatory treatment from fleas and worms, from a tick, needs to be treated twice a year, because they wake up very early and are active until late autumn. Depending on the weight, cats need from one and a half to two and a half kilograms of food per month. Dogs — 3,5% of his weight daily. Regular vet checkups. Everything is like in ordinary families where there are animals. Yes, shelters have the opportunity to cooperate, to buy something in bulk, it turns out cheaper, but when there are a lot of animals, the amount is still significant.»


How feed and veterinary services are becoming more expensive


Over the past two years, the topic of nutrition and treatment of animals has become a headache for dog and cat owners. Even during the pandemic, supply problems began. After the start of the SVO, a number of manufacturers of feed and veterinary medicines refused to supply products to Russia. This overlapped with the position of the Rosselkhoznadzor, which changed the rules for the certification of drugs and feed. So this summer, a number of European manufacturers of professional feeds are finally leaving the Russia, insisting that they will not certify their products under the new rules.

According to Rosstat, the cost of dry animal feed in Russia increased by about 30% in 2022. The average consumer price for feed increased from 236.22 to 312.31 rubles. In Moscow, this indicator rose from 265.92 to 325.88 rubles, and in In St. Petersburg — from 232.55 to 308 rubles.

Similarly, prices for veterinary medicine have also increased. Over the past year, clinical examination has risen by 28,1% (from 416.84 to 533.98 rubles), in Moscow the growth is slightly less — 22,8% (from 629.23 to 772.5 rubles), in St. Petersburg — 16,9% (from 781.96 to 913.84 rubles). But this is the simplest veterinary manipulation. When it comes to treatment, operations, hospital or intensive care, then for the treatment of a cat or dog you will have to pay an amount comparable to the treatment of a person.