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Published 31 июля 2023,, 03:13

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A drone fell near Taganrog (VIDEO)

A drone fell near Taganrog (VIDEO)

31 июля 2023, 03:13
There are no victims.

An unmanned aerial vehicle crashed in the village of Daraganovka near Taganrog on July 30. As a result, one house burned down, one was damaged, and a car was damaged. According to Rostovgazeta, the drone fell on the road and caught fire.

«The affiliation of the UAV is being established. Specialists of the Ministry of Defense are working on site,» commented the Governor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev.

A local resident received burns when she extinguished a fire caused by the fall of a UAV. She refused to be hospitalized. Medics provided her with the necessary assistance on the spot.

The head of the administration of the Neklinovsky district, Vasily Danilenko, published photos depicting the consequences of the drone crash. They show a destroyed car, as well as a broken fence and damaged roof of households.

Local residents said that at first they heard a loud explosion, after which the electricity went out. Then a fire followed. The telegram channel SHOT published a video. It depicts the destruction caused by the incident.

Recall that on July 28, a state of emergency was introduced in Taganrog after Ukraine struck the city with a S-200 missile. Fragments of a shell shot down by Russian air defense systems hit the Chekhov Garden cafe on Lermontovskaya Street. An «Air alert» plan has been announced in Rostov-on-Don. The Russian Foreign Ministry promised a tough response to Kiev's actions. The IC opened a criminal case under the article «Terrorist attack» on the fact of the attack on the Rostov region.