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Under digital control since childhood: why the state creates a «schoolgoer showcase»

Under digital control since childhood: why the state creates a «schoolgoer showcase»

31 июля 2023, 15:15
Representatives of the All-Russian movement of parents «Together» contacted the editorial board of Novye Izvestia, they reported that a number of innovations are waiting for the country's schoolchildren from the new school year, to which attentive parents have many questions.

The opinion is being created in society that digitalization is modern, progressive, and the future is behind it. Who is preparing such a future for us, and what will it look like? The Parents' Union «Together» has carried out a huge campaign to warn about the digital trap, the ultimate goal of which is the formation of a child's digital portfolio and the introduction of a social rating.

The key point in the plan of «digitalizers» is the FGIS (Federal State Information System) «My School» and the portal of Public Services that opens access to it.

Are we being prepared for total surveillance and complete collection of information online by transferring personal data (PD) to a single register?

In March 2023, teachers began to massively close chats in Viber, WhatsApp, telegram. Parents and children were forced to transfer to «Spherum», FGIS «My School» or to Public Services.

Having nothing to do with educational policy, the Ministry of Finance presented at the end of the school year a report on the creation of «school storefronts» — «Education Data Storefronts».

After the presentation of this showcase, it became clear why schools were required to register children on these platforms before the end of the school year!

What is a «schoolgoer's showcase»?

A schoolgoer's showcase» — the name is very clear. One can go to the window and chose a «product»?

The Ministry of Finance requires the regions to fill the showcase for the summer of 2023.

We know a lot of options for digital educational environments, electronic journals, and we know almost nothing about the «data architecture» for a digital portfolio and social rating.

Now, almost «on the sly», the formation of a database of children — digital avatars — «schoolgoers' showcases» is underway.

Regional ministries of education transmit instructions through school principals on registration on the platforms «Spherum» and FGIS «My School» for placement in parent chats, and then report to the Ministry of Education on the number of children's accounts in the system, on the quality and completeness of the transmitted data.

It is the registration on the FGIS «My School» (Public Services) and «Spherum» that allows you to identify a child in the system and collect a digital portfolio for him from all previously created information systems: Navigator, TRP, My sport, medicine, electronic diary and journal, military registration, etc.

In his letter of the Ministry of Finance of Russia dated 16.01.2023 No. OK-P13-070-2175 «On the direction of information», he paints and tells everything in detail, including about «showcases».

Personal data (PD) of all participants in educational relations are entered into the regional «showcase».

It is necessary to collect a huge array of data on children up to the «seventh generation».

And most importantly, a limited number of people with extended rights will be able to see all the information. There will be a reduced functionality for you to access your own personal data through the Public Services portal!

The «showcase» is based on the information interaction of the regional authorities with the Ministry of Finance and on the consent to the processing of PD, which are signed by parents at school.

Can't state and municipal services be provided directly in education?

273 Federal Law «On Education» has been developed and is functioning for education, and 210-Federal Law «On the Provision of State and Municipal Services» has been developed for the provision of services.

Why can't digitalists go directly into education?

In order for the FGIS «My School» to be mandatory, and its use by participants in educational relations to comply with clause 1.1 of Article 1,273-FZ, it must be adopted in the form of a law and appear in art. 97 and art. 98 273-FZ.

But that's not possible right now.

In 2016, V. V. Putin vetoed a similar project «Contingent of students» within the framework of the 273-FZ «On Education».

Explaining his decision, the president said that the federal law should prescribe a list of specific information that will be contained in the system.

In addition, the persons who will have access to this data and their responsibilities must be determined!

But already in December 2018, the president approved the «National Project „Digital Economy“. And at the end of 2020, a course for the full digitalization of our society has been announced.

«In the coming decade, we will have to carry out a digital transformation of the whole country, the whole of Russia, introduce artificial intelligence technologies and big data analysis everywhere. The digital transformation of Russia will affect every inhabitant of Russia and will affect all levels of government, and with them every family, organization and all sectors of the economy and social sphere», — President Putin noted.

Most parents have not spent their personal time and have not figured out what a digital educational environment and a digital portfolio are.

They are not aware of what is happening in the field of education, which experiment on our children is ending now.

The educational digital environment will come to every school in Russia, and the social rating will come to every family.

Digitization of society and, first of all, our children as cadres of the new digital economy is a clear plan for the introduction of control and division into castes according to social rating.

The main database of information for social rating will be deployed in the summer of 2023 — regional «showcases of schoolchildren».

Artificial intelligence (AI) will play a key role in this, officials say.

The budget costs of implementing AI are huge. Mikhail Mishustin spoke about plans to introduce AI into the Russian economy, by 2024 it is planned to bring the introduction of AI in the Russian economy to 50%: «The introduction of artificial intelligence in our economy is about 20 percent now. This is already a figure. By 2024, there is a plan — at least 50 percent».

210.7 billion rubles were allocated for the national project «Digital Economy» in 2022. In 2023, more than 190 billion rubles will be allocated for these purposes, according to the explanatory note to the draft federal budget for 2022-2024.

Legal educational program

State services and municipal services cannot be provided directly in education. But, having signed the consent at school for state and municipal services under 210-FZ (electronic diary and journal, payment for meals, digital educational platform), it turns out that parents automatically agreed to place their child in the «schoolgoer's showcase».

Only the authors of the project forgot to warn parents about data collection and the creation of this digital avatar of the child.

In the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 13.07.2022 No. 1241 «On the Federal State Information System „My school“ …» in paragraph 6 it is written: «To recommend to the executive bodies of the subjects of the Russian Federation and local self-government bodies… to ensure the interaction of regional state information systems in the field of general education and secondary vocational education (SPE) with the system „My School“ from January 1, 2023; with FGIS „Unified Portal of State and Municipal Services (functions) until September 1, 2022.“

The operator of the «My School» system is the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation (paragraph 3 of the Resolution). And in order to get involved in the educational process to third parties, including the Ministry of Finance, all kinds of Agreements are concluded at the level of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, at the level of regional authorities.

In the summer of 2023, 89 «storefronts» of data per student should be created, that is, in all regions of Russia.

By June 30, it was planned to establish the transmission of all data online.

What to do in order not to transmit the children to the «schoolgoer's showcase»?

Parents should understand that students exercise their right to education within the framework of the 273-FZ «On Education». Registration in various GIS (state information systems) is the realization of the right under the 210-FZ «On the provision of State and Municipal services», because GIS data are not fixed in art. 97 and art. 98 273-FZ.

If distance learning and AI training on digital platforms are unacceptable for your child, if you do NOT want a digital footprint and portfolio to accumulate for your child, then we recommend that you require the destruction of personal data from all information systems and prohibit the transfer of PD to third parties for school within the framework of 210-FZ.

In order for your child not to be placed on the student's showcase, it is necessary to take a statement to the school director about the withdrawal of personal data and the prohibition of their further processing by third parties.

You can download an example of the application by following the link: https://disk

You also have the right to revoke previously given consent to the processing of personal data.

Dear parents, remember that the school will be able to process your personal data within the framework of the law, but only within the school, without transferring it to third parties, including this is provided for when passing the GIA (OGE and USE).

Otherwise, the «product» in the form of your children's personal data will be posted on the «showcase» this summer.

The student's showcase» — the name is very clear. Went to the window and chose a «product»?

But already in December 2018, the president approved the «National Project „Digital Economy“. And at the end of 2020, a course for the complete digitalization of our society has been announced.

State services and municipal services cannot be provided directly in education. But, having signed the consent at school for state and municipal services under 210-FZ (electronic diary and journal, food payment, digital educational platform), it turns out that parents automatically agreed to place their child in the «schoolboy's showcase».

One of these innovations is the «schoolboy showcase» or digital avatars of children. Activists note that on a national scale, few parents, against the background of everyday workload, were able to spend their personal time and seriously figure out what the digital educational environment, digital portfolio, etc. is, and what all this is fraught with. Educational program is needed. The head of the movement Irina Zhiltsova shared important information on this topic: