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Diagnosis in detail: who and why divulges the details of Irina Miroshnichenko's condition?

Diagnosis in detail: who and why divulges the details of Irina Miroshnichenko's condition?

1 августа 2023, 10:16
Ирина Мишина
People's Artist of Russia Irina Miroshnichenko got into a difficult situation: she is in intensive care and has suffered a cardiac arrest. Millions of Russians regularly learn about her condition. Did the artist herself consent to this? Why does everyone find out about the smallest nuances of the health of famous people instantly and in detail?


The People's Artist of Russia is currently in the Moscow Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital No. 1. The actress was immediately sent to the intensive care unit, where she was diagnosed with severe heart valve damage and complications. Among them — pneumonia, thrombosis, fibrillation and sepsis, writes Telegram channel Mash.

…When you read the reports of news agencies about the state of the People's Artist, it becomes scary. It is difficult to even imagine such a number of pathologies. Moreover, according to the terminology, it becomes clear that the nuances of the People's artist's condition were reported by a very knowledgeable person in medicine. And this is all the more strange: after all, in our country there is a special federal law 323-FZ «On the basics of protecting the health of citizens in Of the Russian Federation», which prohibits the disclosure of information constituting a medical secret and related to the state of human health. Something similar happened during the hospitalization of figure skater Roman Kostomarov, when the country with paradoxical regularity learned about all the medical manipulations associated with him — until relatives stopped it. It seems that I even had to introduce special prohibitive measures in the «Communal apartment», where Kostomarov was treated.

We got through to the Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Moscow, where the artist is located. The help desk confirmed to us that Irina Petrovna is being treated there right now and reported: «The temperature is 36, 6, the condition is serious.» We were informed in the contact center: we can only report the state of health to a trusted person, this person was indicated by the patient. But did the artist herself want to savor the details of her condition and the details of the diagnosis?

In addition, the case of Irina Petrovna Miroshnichenko is unique: judging by the data about her in Wikipedia, a lonely man. She is 81 years old, the last of her husbands died in 2007, she has no children… That is why it seemed strange to us to leak information about her into the public space. Who did this? And was there the consent of the patient, who is in an extremely serious condition and, apparently, unable to communicate adequately?

«In general, the disclosure of a diagnosis and the transfer of health data is a punishable act by law. This is a violation of the Law on the Protection of Citizens' Health. That is, it is the disclosure of medical secrets. And it's all very strange. I had a case when I tried to find out about the health status of a friend in intensive care, the doctors refused me because I am not his close relative. Relatives could leak information about the artist's condition, in all other cases this is a violation of the law, and should be punished. No one has the right to do this without the patient's consent. I am not sure that Irina Petrovna could agree to drain the data on the thickness of the walls of her stomach and the state of the kidneys, » said Denis Ivanov, MD, professor.

The head of the Patient Protection League, lawyer Alexander Saversky, spoke even more radically:

«The drain of data on the condition of Irina Miroshnichenko is a topic for the prosecutor's office. If the doctors reported it without the knowledge of the patient and her close relatives, they also violated the law on personal data. These actions are absolutely illegal.»

What's all this about? The fact is that the word «flu» is often mentioned in messages about Irina Petrovna's condition…

«And this is absolutely not accidental, » says Denis Ivanov, MD. — The flu has nothing to do with the stomach and kidneys, but the artist's diagnosis is repeated to us with importunity. The fact is that an obsessive campaign of the need for flu vaccination is already beginning, which is stated by the head of Rospotrebnadzor, Ms. Popova. Apparently, the ground is being prepared for a new vaccination campaign.»

PS In fairness, it should be noted that some «stars» themselves are beginning to speculate on their state of health for various purposes. What are the photo shoots of the singer of Fame, who revealed in detail to journalists the nuances of her breast augmentation surgery, showing the results of an unsuccessful manipulation in the frame in the News program of the Fifth Channel? Or Lyubov Uspenskaya, making similar claims to plastic surgeons? All this is instantly replicated in the public space, overgrown with details and comments. Yes, all this leads to mentions of artists. But with Irina Petrovna Miroshnichenko, agree, the case is quite different.

One way or another, it is worth taking care of information about the health status of any person, public or not. At least in order not to harm.

Novye Izvestia wishes Irina Petrovna Miroshnichenko a speedy and complete recovery.