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Published 10 августа 2023,, 12:48

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Expensive students: major medical universities have increased the price tags for training

Expensive students: major medical universities have increased the price tags for training

10 августа 2023, 12:48
Ирина Мишина
Major medical universities in Russia have raised the prices for training at the commercial department to unprecedented levels. Why have medical students become so «expensive» and what will this lead to in domestic medicine in the near future?


In Sechenov University alone, the price of training in the specialty «Medical business» has increased by almost 250 thousand rubles, in dentistry it has reached 700 thousand at all. Simple calculations force us to give simply astronomical figures. Thus, the total cost of all six years of training in the specialty «Medical business» (six courses) rose in the First MGMU. Sechenov up to 4.48 million rubles, in the specialty «Pediatrics» — up to 2.76 million rubles, in «Dentistry» — up to 3.91 million rubles. In the Moscow State Medical University named after A. I. Evdokimov, the price of the first year in the specialty «Medical business» increased from 410.8 thousand to 430 thousand rubles, in «Dentistry» from 490 thousand to 520 thousand rubles. All prices are given for full-time education.

New admission rules — new rates

Of the «big three» in Moscow, only the N. I. Pirogov RNIMU did not change the price list this year. In the First St. Petersburg State Medical University named after I. P. Pavlov, the price of one year of study in the specialties «Medicine» and «Dentistry» has also increased compared to the last admission campaign, although not as significantly as in Top Moscow medical universities.

We have sent a request about the reasons for the increase in the cost of full-time study at the commercial department of the Moscow State Medical University. Sechenov, who became this year's record holder for price increases. If the answer arrives, we will certainly publish it.

In general, there is a shortage of doctors in Russia has an obvious problem. It was revealed during the coronavirus pandemic, when there were simply not enough doctors. For example, in the famous Moscow «Kommunarka» they were forced to invite doctors from the regions. But they were also in short supply!

The shortage of doctors is one of the main problems of Russian medicine. Experts are sounding the alarm: the population is rapidly aging, and the demand for doctors will only grow. The shortage of doctors at the end of last year was estimated at almost 26.5 thousand people. At the same time, doctors are not offended by salaries.

Although experts now estimate the average salary of doctors in the country at 70-80 thousand rubles, my friend is the head. the department of one of the metropolitan city hospitals earns 400 thousand rubles a month, and the salary of the head. a district polyclinic in Moscow can reach up to 500 thousand a month… Whatever one may say, the profession of a doctor is now in demand and well paid. But is this the only reason for the increase in prices in the leading medical schools of the country?

«This year, under the new admission conditions on preferential grounds, participants of the SVO, their children, as well as citizens of the territories newly annexed to Russia were accepted for the budget. The number of quota budget places for them could be quite high, and universities distributed this cost among students on a fee basis. That is, they spread it out on everyone else, simply put. Do not forget about the increase in the cost of materials in medical schools, these are drugs in the anatomical, various reagents. Plus the cost of renting premises, teachers' salaries. In addition, a lot of applicants have chosen medicine this year. This is understandable, doctors have a guaranteed stable salary and employment, » Larisa Popovich, director of the Institute of Health Economics at the Higher School of Economics, told NI.

Is the new generation choosing medicine?

Not so long ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a figure: there are 13 million doctors missing in the world today. Thus, a graduate of a medical university will be able to find a job abroad. Medical education will give you the opportunity to work in popular and highly paid related fields. For example, in pharmaceuticals and the promotion of medical equipment, which is extremely promising.

«I also believe that now there is an overabundance of applicants to medical universities due to the fact that the zero generation — the so—called generation Z — has begun to enter the labor market — romantics and altruists, burning with a desire to serve people, to benefit. There were a lot of them, » adds Larisa Popovich, Director of the HSE Institute of Health Economics.

Social media users confirm this version.

«Over the past few years, there has been an increased demand for higher medical education programs from both Russian and foreign applicants. It is possible that universities have reached the maximum numbers of the contingent that can actually be trained with the available material, technical and human resources and existing infrastructure. In these conditions, honey. the university has chosen a strategy of high prices, » Alexander believes.

Business, and nothing medical?

We decided to look at the problem through the eyes of teachers. They have their own versions.

«When I taught at Tula Medical University last year, the enrollment for 180 places was 490 people. The fact is that for some time now there has been a system in higher education institutions: how much you have graduated from the last year, so much you can recruit for the first one. Of course, universities want to earn money. At the same time, the teacher's salary is poor by current standards: last year it was about 30 thousand rubles a month. Another thing is alarming in the growth of tuition fees: if a person has invested millions in his education, he will then want to return this money, and as soon as possible. That is, bribery and bribes in medicine are not excluded. Of course, not everyone will be able to pull such cosmic sums for training, but very wealthy people. As a result, „majors“ will enter medical schools, and many talented guys will be cut off from the profession. And in general, there is a shortage of doctors now, why raise prices to the skies?» — says Denis Ivanov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.

However, those who love medicine have a choice: you can go to a medical college, where you can get a medical profession faster and for less money. But, as we found out, there are a lot of problems there too…

«I teach at a medical college, » says Dmitry Epstein, vice president of the Moscow Nurses Association. — In recent years, the recruitment conditions have been reduced, and almost everyone is taken for a fee. At the same time, the amounts are impressive. For example, you can study for a nurse in college for 170 thousand a year. There are fewer and fewer motivated guys every year. Oddly enough, people from Central Asia study diligently. And our… Not a single student was able to measure my blood pressure during an exam recently. And this is actually a disaster. And ordinary business is flourishing in universities.»