Posted 11 августа 2023,, 07:43

Published 11 августа 2023,, 07:43

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Updated 11 августа 2023,, 08:21

Vnukovo airport is closed because of a drone

Vnukovo airport is closed because of a drone

11 августа 2023, 07:43
The authorities temporarily closed Vnukovo Airport for arrival and departure. The preliminary reason for the restrictions is reports of the appearance of a drone.
Moscow region

This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the data of emergency services.

As noted by the telegram channel Mash, now in Vnukovo is experiencing a massive flight delay.

«At least six planes are not allowed to land, another 16 have their take—off delayed, » the report says.

Observers suggest that the reason for the incident could be the appearance of drones in the vicinity of the airport, which is why the security forces could introduce a «Carpet» plan.

It is assumed that during the operation, some of the aircraft may remain circling in the sky, the other will go to alternate airfields.