Posted 14 августа 2023,, 04:12

Published 14 августа 2023,, 04:12

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Updated 14 августа 2023,, 08:04

Two Red Wings planes with Russian tourists stuck in Antalya (VIDEO)

Two Red Wings planes with Russian tourists stuck in Antalya (VIDEO)

14 августа 2023, 04:12
Four passengers needed medical help.

The Red Wings flight from the Turkish resort of Antalya to Moscow's Zhukovsky Airport cannot take off for more than 11 hours, the Baza telegram channel informs. The passengers were taken to the cabin of the plane, where they spent about 40 minutes. Some were forced to go to doctors on board — they became ill from the heat and stuffiness. One of the passengers had a panic attack. Three more people fainted. After that, medics came on board and gave the passengers oxygen masks. Then everyone was taken back to the airport. In addition, a similar situation occurred with the Red Wings plane to Yekaterinburg.

The carrier did not explain the situation. Representatives of the airline only stated that the flight will be able to take off after troubleshooting, if all passengers agree.

As REN TV clarified, the plane was supposed to take off from Turkey on August 13 at 11:35, but the flight was constantly postponed. As a result, the flight was reassigned to 20:30 Moscow time, but it was not possible to take off at that time either.