Posted 15 августа 2023,, 04:11

Published 15 августа 2023,, 04:11

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Updated 15 августа 2023,, 09:56

The number of victims of the explosion in Makhachkala has grown to 75 people (VIDEO)

The number of victims of the explosion in Makhachkala has grown to 75 people (VIDEO)

15 августа 2023, 04:11
27 people were killed. Some of the victims after the explosion in Makhachkala will be taken by plane to Moscow.

According to the telegram channel Shot, referring to its own source, during the explosion at the gas station in 75 people were injured in Makhachkala, 27 were killed, including two children. The number of wounded is increasing all the time.

Hundreds of residents of Dagestan arrived at the Republican Blood Transfusion station at night, showing their willingness to help the victims of the terrible explosion. The blood transfusion station worked without interruption until morning. Despite the availability of sufficient blood and plasma sent to local hospitals, the process of collecting donated blood will continue to maintain supplies. The first negative blood type is especially important, and first of all, donors are invited, not for the first time providing assistance. The rest of those who wish to donate blood will be accepted at the station the next day.

As it became known, some of the victims will be sent by plane to Moscow. The cabin of the prepared IL-76 special board has all the necessary medical modules for transporting the wounded. Doctors of the «Centrospas» detachment and psychologists of the Center for Emergency Psychological Assistance of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia will accompany the victims to the capital's medical institutions.

At the moment, open gorenje at the fire site has been eliminated. Shedding and further disassembly of structures is underway.