Posted 16 августа 2023,, 06:42

Published 16 августа 2023,, 06:42

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A new markup has appeared in Russia. How to drive on it and can the drivers be fined?

A new markup has appeared in Russia. How to drive on it and can the drivers be fined?

16 августа 2023, 06:42
A new type of marking — «chevrons» — began to be applied on high-speed highways. We are figuring out how drivers should react to it.

A new marking in the form of arrows, ticks, or as it has already been called by the drivers of «chevrons» appeared on several sections of toll highways of the state company Avtodor. So far, this is an experiment designed to discipline drivers. The distance between the chevrons shows drivers a safe distance to the car in front. If there are two arrows between the cars, everything is fine. If less, you need to slow down and fall behind.

As reported in Avtodor, the markings have already been applied on eight sections of the tracks: two — in Moscow region — on the Central Ring Road (CCAD), four — on the M-4 «Don» highway in the Lipetsk, Voronezh and Rostov regions, as well as on two sections of the M-11 «Neva» in the Tver and Leningrad regions.

«The safe distance on the road is half of the permitted speed. Accordingly, for sections with a permitted speed of 110 km / h — this is 55 meters, and where the speed limit reaches 130 km / h — 65 meters, — specified in Avtodor.

The logic of the new marking is simple, high—speed highways are straight lines without intersections and oncoming traffic. But accidents happen here too. Most of them are passing collisions, when the car coming from behind catches up with the one going ahead. For example, the driver does not have time to react to the braking of the front car and flies into his rear bumper. Another option is when the driving style is such that the driver likes to «stick» to the forerunner and goes ahead in a few meters from him. At high speeds, this is fraught. Compliance with the «chevron» markings will give the rear driver room for maneuver and reaction time.

«The use of experimental markup is coordinated with the GUOBDD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Based on the results of the accident rate analysis at the experimental sites, this practice can be extended to other road sections of the state—owned Avtodor company, » the company said.

The main question of the warriors is whether they can be fined for ignoring this markup. In Russia, there is no such norm yet and there is no penalty for non-compliance with the Chevron. But this practice exists in other countries on high-speed roads: an automatic fine can be issued for non-compliance with a safe distance. There are no technical problems with the spread of this practice in There is no Russia, but so far no one has taken the initiative.