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Published 21 августа 2023,, 13:54

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Excursion to the next world. How much do underground walks cost and why are they not banned

Excursion to the next world. How much do underground walks cost and why are they not banned

21 августа 2023, 13:54
The death of a group of diggers in a Moscow dungeon made us think about why illegal extreme entertainment is so popular, and why no one is responsible for such tragedies.

Moscow is experiencing a shock from what happened on August 21. The bodies of eight people who drowned during an underground tour of the Neglinnaya River collector were found in the Moskva River. They went underground, but a heavy downpour began. The collector immediately filled with water. The bodies of a 17-year-old boy and two 15-year-old girls were carried out of the dungeon in the Zaryadye area. Five more, including Dmitry Markushin, an employee of the Lanit company, were found during the day.

According to the main version, the group of diggers was led by 31-year-old Konstantin Filippov. extreme athletes went underground at 14:00 through the collector on Olympic Avenue. An hour later, in the Trubnaya metro area, Filippov got in touch with fellow diggers, said that there was water, and asked if it was possible to get out on Trubnaya. After that, he did not get in touch. If we assume that the tragedy occurred here, then the bodies of the victims were carried through underground tunnels for several kilometers.

A criminal case has been opened on the death of the group. According to media reports, Nikita Dubasa, a 31-year-old organizer and head of diggers, was detained. He was taken to the UK for questioning.

No one is responsible for anything

Before the tragedy, walking along underground rivers in Moscow was quite popular. Entertainment service aggregator sites offered several options for excursions in Neglinnaya, Presnya, Chechera. The cost of going underground is 3-4 thousand rubles. For this money, the client is given rubber shoe covers, a flashlight and gloves. According to the schedule, people go underground regularly — several times a week. Legally, underground sewers are not regime, and it is not prohibited to enter there, although, as it turned out, it is very dangerous. Now the sites have begun to remove the offers of excursions, or note that the provision of services is «suspended due to the tragedy.»

One of the popular diggers Daniil Davydov noted that the tragedy occurred due to the lack of control and order in this area.

«A few years ago, I proposed to the Moscow authorities to make an underground museum in Neglinka in a collector that has been decommissioned, but then they thought it was not necessary,» digger said, «but here is the result. If there was a museum where you can touch the history, then this would not be. Interest in the dungeon has been and will be, and today's case will not frighten anyone. We have a lot of accidents, but people don't stop riding cars and motorcycles.»

Danger awaits on roofs and on rivers

Underground walks are not the only urban entertainment that can turn into a tragedy. So in The number of boat collisions on the Neva River and city canals is growing in St. Petersburg. The service is so popular that boats simply do not have enough space. Plus, in recent years, the service of renting a boat without a captain has been developing. To rent some types of boats, a car license is sufficient.

This summer, a tragedy occurred in the Gulf of Finland with a rented boat that began to sink due to a burst exhaust pipe. The boat was rented. 8 passengers were filmed by boats passing nearby. One person died.

Another popular but dangerous topic is walking on rooftops. In the Northern capital, the fight against illegal excursions has begun. On the one hand, it is dangerous, on the other hand, the owners of buildings are not happy with the fact that outsiders walk on the front and roofs.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg reported on the first criminal case against the rufer guides for not ensuring the safety of the participants of the walk. The maximum sanction of the article is imprisonment for up to two years. Nevertheless, the number of advertisements offering to walk on St. Petersburg roofs has not decreased.