Posted 22 августа 2023,, 07:46

Published 22 августа 2023,, 07:46

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Updated 22 августа 2023,, 09:59

«Someone came, launched and left»: who is sending combat drones deep into Russia and where from?

«Someone came, launched and left»: who is sending combat drones deep into Russia and where from?

22 августа 2023, 07:46
Who controls the attacks of Ukrainian drones on Russian targets located far from the front line remains a mystery.

The next drone attacks of objects on Russian territory again make you wonder where they are flying from? For example, after one of the drones fell on August 21 on the territory of the Shaikovka airfield in the Kaluga region, one «unused» plane was damaged there, as Russian military commanders wrote in their telegram channels. Before that, a similar incident occurred at the airfield in the city of Soltsy, Novgorod region. On the morning of August 22, a drone was shot down over Krasnogorsk near Moscow, as a result of which the glazing of a residential building and parked cars were damaged. Meanwhile, the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Andriy Yusov made a curious statement. Having told about the attack on the Shaikovka airfield, he added the following: «There are people who, in coordination with the GUR, completed the tasks set. They came from central Russia, worked out and successfully returned, respectively, back…»

In connection with this statement, a logical question arises: where are these drones launched from? Three weeks ago, BBC News journalists already tried to answer it by analyzing footage from the crash site of downed drones in Moscow City.

Then it was said that they, like those who attacked Moscow before, flew in from the south-western direction. It is clear that in Ukraine today has UAVs capable of flying hundreds of kilometers.

But if they were launched from Ukrainian territory, this means that they successfully fly over the front line, which means that Russian air defense systems cannot cope with them there, and it remains to rely only on air defense in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Yes, these drones, as a rule, fly at very low altitudes — 50-70 meters above the ground, and, therefore, they are difficult to notice on radar screens. At the same time, flying at such an altitude is fraught with risk for the drones themselves, experts say, since they fly according to a predetermined program and will not be able to avoid a collision with an unexpected obstacle. But after all, they fly, and they fly almost daily and to Moscow, and even to the Novgorod region, which is much more remote from Ukraine.

So, another option, voiced by a Ukrainian intelligence officer, will still be more logical: drones (and they are quite large) are assembled, armed with explosives and launched from the territory of Russia itself. Moreover, characteristically, Yusov spoke about the attack on the Kaluga region, which is located near Ukraine, much closer to Moscow and Novgorod, is from the territory of Russia.

I wonder who is doing this? If saboteurs are infiltrating our country specifically for this purpose, then these are difficult and dangerous operations. Then who? Partisans?