Posted 23 августа 2023,, 21:04

Published 23 августа 2023,, 21:04

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Not Iosif, but Yevgeny! Followers expresses condolences to singer Valeria in connection with the «death of her husband»

Not Iosif, but Yevgeny! Followers expresses condolences to singer Valeria in connection with the «death of her husband»

23 августа 2023, 21:04
The wife of the namesake Yevgeny Prigozhin, music producer Iosif Prigozhin singer Valeria began to receive condolences in social networks in connection with the «death» of her husband. It's not the first time users have confused the Prigozhins.

Users of social networks once again confused the crashed today in The owner of the Wagner PMCs Yevgeny Prigozhin and music producer Joseph Prigozhin in the Tver region, the telegram channel «Fourbes» reports. Fans of the singer Valeria's talent also sympathized with the news of Prigozhin's death and express their condolences to her.

In fact, Yevgeny Prigozhin's wife is called Lyubov. She, like her husband, is engaged in business. She manages the family real estate and became the holder of a controlling stake in the company «Lakhta Plaza». Lyubov Prigozhina owns a chain of confectionery shops «Chocolate Museum» and a number of other enterprises. His wife helped Prigozhin in the management of the businessman's most famous company «Concord Management and Consulting», as well as companies for the implementation of government contracts.
The Prigozhins have two children: daughter Polina born in 1992 and son Pavel born in 1998. He deals with the affairs of PMCs Wagner. It is not reported where Pavel is now.

It is known about the daughter that she got married in 2014. The wedding was celebrated on a grand scale in The Konstantinovsky Palace. It was decorated with a million fresh flowers.

Joseph Prigozhin also has many sympathizers. One user writes: «Joseph, the whole Internet is worried. Please let me know if you were on that plane or not?»

A similar story happened to namesakes during the Prigozhin rebellion exactly 2 months ago, writes the «Editor-in-Chief». Then users «attacked» the page of Joseph Prigozhin in one of the banned social networks in the Russian Federation and demanded that he «calm down the troops.» Others were in favor of declaring Valeria the «first lady». There were those who asked him: «What are you mutating, baldy?»

This time the occasion turned out to be sad. And you can be sure that the confusion will happen for the last time.