Posted 30 августа 2023,, 13:32

Published 30 августа 2023,, 13:32

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The drone collector in Russia is paid 400 thousand rubles. What's wrong with this job?

The drone collector in Russia is paid 400 thousand rubles. What's wrong with this job?

30 августа 2023, 13:32
The company promises to make workers rich without education and experience. All you need is to assemble quadrocopters. In addition, they promise to provide housing and food. Let's figure out what the catch is.

Alexander Dybin

The media and telegram channels gave out the news «the collectors of quadrocopters are now paid more than IT workers.» In Russia, there is a vacancy «collector of quadrocopters» with an income from 330,000 to 420,000 rubles. The description states that no special skills or special education are required. The main requirement for the candidate: «the ability to work and live in a team.» It is assumed that shift work, housing is provided. Responsibilities: to put products in boxes, to control the marriage. But why are the conditions so generous, why do they offer such a salary for such a simple job?

The ad was placed by the company «Bright», which is engaged in recruitment and outsourcing of personnel. The company has more than 1,200 vacancies and all of them with salaries above the market, for example, a laundry packer for Russian Railways will receive 356 thousand rubles, and an airplane washer 402 thousand.

The conditions shed light on this anomaly — shift payment, a fee of 6000 rubles per shift. To get the minimum amount promised in the ad, you need to work 55 shifts. Even if you work seven days a week, it is obvious that you will not be able to produce such output in a month. With a standard five-day salary comes out 150,000 rubles, which is closer to the truth, but still not bad. It was not easy to get more information from the employer. He did not respond to the response, after several hours of ringing the phones, the company replied that the salary was indicated not for a month, but for the number of shifts worked.

«The amounts are correct, this is the salary of the shift worker for the entire period of the shift. As a rule, people work 60-90 shifts. 90 shifts is about 400 thousand rubles,» the company said, «there are no special requirements, there will be training, they will show everything, they will tell.»

The sensation broke about the easy manipulation of the employer, who indicated the salary not for a month, for three and then if you work seven days a week. Soon after the journalists wrote about the miracle job, the vacancy was sent to the archive. Either there were those who wanted to collect drones, or the company was afraid of increased attention.

There are other vacancies on the market related to UAVs, though not so generous. For example, a St. Petersburg company is looking for an engineer-assembler of quadrocopters for 85 thousand rubles a month, although the requirements here are more serious: you need knowledge in electrical engineering and radio electronics, skills in machining various materials and knowledge of their properties, experience in preparing models for 3D printing and CNC milling, ability to assemble electronic equipment or experience in modeling. Another thing is to pack drones in boxes for 6000 rubles a day.