Posted 11 сентября 2023,, 03:59

Published 11 сентября 2023,, 03:59

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Updated 11 сентября 2023,, 06:21

Two Ukrainian drones were shot down over the Belgorod region

Two Ukrainian drones were shot down over the Belgorod region

11 сентября 2023, 03:59
The wreckage of the UAV crashed onto the roadway next to a private residential building. There were no casualties.

The Ukrainian military once again tried to carry out an attack by unmanned aerial vehicles on Russian facilities in the Belgorod region. As a result, both drones launched by the Ukrainian side were destroyed by Russian air defense means.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the incident happened at 1:20 Moscow time. According to the head of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov, fragments of drones in Yakovlevsky city district of the Belgorod region fell on the roadway. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Recall that the Belgorod region is regularly shelled by Ukraine. Last Saturday, the outskirts of the village of Staroselye were attacked. Due to damage to the power line, the settlement was left without electricity. Before that, it was reported about a kamikaze UAV attack on the Belgorod village of Krasny Khutor.

It should be noted that in the Belgorod region, on a single voting day, employees of precinct commissions were forced to wear bulletproof vests when going to field voting.