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Published 12 сентября 2023,, 08:05

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Some were crying, others were joking: how did the passengers of the plane that landed in the field feel themselves

Some were crying, others were joking: how did the passengers of the plane that landed in the field feel themselves

12 сентября 2023, 08:05
What did people feel at the time of the emergency landing? Some calmed the children a minute before landing, others cried, and others laughed nervously.
Air carriers

«I hope that we will land, everything will be fine, » says the passenger of the plane a few minutes before landing. In the audio recording published by her, the flight attendant instructs passengers how to act during an emergency landing: unbutton the collar and remove the tie, remove glasses and objects that can cause injury during landing, remove heels. Then put your head on your knees and cover it with your hands.

The second video was taken by eyewitnesses after the plane landed. «Did someone fall on the plane at all?» — one of the passengers jokes off. On the recording, he showed a plane landing in a field and people evacuated from it. Everyone is alive.

Meanwhile, passengers were given luggage along the ramp, almost like at the airport, and sent to a temporary accommodation point in the village of Ubinskoye in the Novosibirsk region.

The plane did not reach the airport 180 kilometers. The reason for the emergency landing was the failure of the hydraulic system. Before the emergency landing, the flight commander wanted to direct the Airbus to Novosibirsk airport, requested an approach scheme. From the pilot's conversation with the dispatcher:

— Was there a hydraulic system failure?
— Later, don't distract me.
— Got it. We will clarify the approach scheme from Novosibirsk now.
— Accepted.
— 1383 on the 120th echelon, let's go, we won't have enough fuel.
— Understood, echelon 120, occupy echelon 120.
— Novosibirsk, tell me the weather again, please.
— Pilot 1383, okay, let's request the latest weather, and you may need wind on the 120th echelon?
— Yes, tell me.
— Understood, I will clarify.

The head of Ural Airlines, Sergey Skuratov, confirmed the information that the reason for the emergency landing was a failure of the hydraulic system.

«When the hydraulic system fails, the flaps begin to work inadequately, the landing distance increases. The pilots calculated that it was already close, marginal and decided to stop near Novosibirsk to increase reliability. I agree with the captain, » he said at a briefing on September 12.

He added that the current situation is quite standard. It was decided to go to the alternate airfield because the runway of the Novosibirsk airport is half a kilometer longer. This increases the chance of a successful landing if the hydraulic system fails. However, during the flight it turned out that there might not be enough fuel. Then the captain of the ship decided to put him in the field.

Recall that in August 2019, the plane of the same airline, Ural Airlines, landed urgently in a corn field. The plane took off from Moscow to Simferopol, but a few minutes after takeoff it collided with a flock of seagulls. Both engines of the aircraft were damaged. The airliner could not gain the necessary height to go to the second round, and was forced to make a hard landing right in the field. Then all the passengers on board survived, some needed psychological help after such a flight.