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Published 13 сентября 2023,, 07:11

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In Moscow, threw a pensioner into a granite pot because of a complaint to the T

During the elections, private security guard beat a pensioner due to a complaint to the Territorial Election Commission

13 сентября 2023, 07:11

In Moscow, threw a pensioner into a granite pot because of a complaint to the T

In Moscow, during the elections, a private security guard threw a granite vase into a 65-year-old woman with a fighting technique. She dared to come with a complaint to the territorial commission. The pensioner was diagnosed with spinal and leg injuries. The police are conducting a check on the fact of beatings. Who sanctioned the beating of voters.

Julia Suntsova

Moscow, Sunday, September 10.

On the last election day, pensioner Olga Solodkova struggled to reach out to The Territorial Election Commission in Izmailovo. In the literal meaning of the word. The woman knocked on the door, rang the bell, tried to shout: «Is anyone alive?» But they didn't open it for her.

65-year-old Elena Markina and her grandson, who were passing by, drew attention to an unusual action on the threshold of the council.

Olga asked Elena if she knew how to file a complaint with the TICK: the doors are locked, no one answers the phone calls.

According to Olga's stories, a few minutes ago — at 19.53 hours. she came to her polling station at 22a 3rd Park Street to vote. The members of the precinct commission refused to issue her a ballot — they argued that the voter was allegedly late, the elections were over, the polling station was closed for counting votes.

Standing at the Territorial Election Commission

Olga Solodkova was sure she was right, wrote a complaint and took it to Territorial Election Commission (TEC). Here it should be added that Izmailovskaya TIC is located in the same building with the district council.

Elena Markina agreed with her that Olga came to exactly the right address, and this is really the entrance to the Territorial Election Commission.

The women tried to reach the territorial commission together.

A few minutes passed, a guard finally jumped out of the building onto the porch. Olga explained that she needed to register a complaint, to which a man in uniform and with chevrons replied with irritation that there was no TICK here! Later it turns out that this person is an employee of the PSC «Metropolitan Security».

The pensioners asked the man not to hinder the filing of a complaint. By this point, Dmitry Alferov, a junior lieutenant of the Izmailovo police Department, indirectly joined the conversation. On this day, the policeman worked in the territorial commission — he was attached to the facility to ensure public order at the elections. By 8 o'clock in the evening, in this way, Alfyorov was still in a TICK.

Grab through the hand and throw into the granite

The conversation of the chopovets with women became more and more tense and turned to raised tones. After the pensioners caught the guard in a lie, the guard admitted: There is still a tick here, but the trouble is — it has already closed.

However, on election night, the TEC cannot block voters from filing a complaint, even if the precinct commissions have already really moved to the stage of counting votes. The complaint must be registered in the appropriate journal.

How interaction with citizens will be organized, each election commission determines by its internal regulations. Usually, a duty schedule is drawn up for members of the election commission.

One way or another, Olga Solodkova, solving her task with filing a complaint, acted absolutely correctly — both from the tactical side and from the point of view of the Federal Law «On Basic Guarantees of Electoral rights and the right to participate in a referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation».

But for some reason chopovets wanted to spit on all these orders. After a couple of minutes of bickering, he got tired of it.

He abruptly turns his back to the women, grabs Elena Markina, who turned out to be closer to him, throws her over him and throws her into a granite vase. The pensioner lands on the edge of the flowerpot with her spine, when she falls from the flowerpot onto the asphalt, she bruises her legs.

Junior lieutenant of the Izmailovo police department Dmitry Alferov continues to silently observe what is happening.

The drama unfolds in front of the 9-year-old grandson of Elena Markina.

Allowed to escape through the back door

By the time the duty unit arrives on a call about beatings, the chop is allowed to escape from the scene through the back entrance.

The head of the precinct Isakov interviewed witnesses at the scene, including the chairman of the TIC Ivan Vasilkovsky. While Chopovets was honing his skills on an elderly woman, Vasilkovsky was sitting in a warm room with a tick and did not lead an ear. Vasilkovsky was asked why the commission does not accept complaints from voters? Vasilkovsky vowed to come out immediately and register Olga Solodkova's complaint. But that didn't happen.

The woman stood at the entrance to the TICK for almost 4 hours, and at 00.40 hours. the captain of the Izmailovo police department, arriving at the repeated call, stated: there is darkness, silence and not a single living soul in the premises of the commission.

At the moment, the police are conducting a pre-investigation check on materials about causing harm to health.

It is being established what happened that night with an experienced security guard that he confused harmless pensioners with dangerous robbers and resorted to fighting techniques.

Spinal and knee joint injury

An examination by an orthopedic traumatologist the next day confirmed the presence of fresh bruises in 65-year-old Elena Markina: «contusion of the spine, contusion of the right knee joint» (a medical report with a diagnosis is available to the editorial office of NI).

But neither the police themselves, nor the TIC, nor the council reveal the name of the chop-"hero».

But the face of this «fighter» managed to get on the video a few seconds before the attack.

Here it is:

Elena Markina is still experiencing pain in her back and legs. The psychological state is also not up to par.

Chairmen of the «fight club» and the nuances of biography

It is not the first time that the Izmailovskaya TIC gets into a scandal because of the inherited «talent» of its representatives — to use physical force.

On a Single voting day in 2022, the Chopovites also injured self—nominated candidates Tatiana Tsarenko and Nadezhda Zagordan, who tried to enter the TICK building.

In the same 2022, the same chairman of the Izmailovo TEC, Ivan Vasilkovsky, ordered that observers not be allowed into the election commission so that they could not file their complaints. This was directly reported by the guards at the turnstiles. At the same time, the TICK building itself was filled inside with unknown people in balaclavas, outside it was guarded by the police. While the chairman himself was sitting in a warm room, those wishing to file complaints froze in line on the street for several hours. For their convenience, they could only fit the paddy wagon. Complaints from people in the end were not accepted.

At the subsequent trial, Vasilkovsky insisted that he complaints in Territorial Election Commission allegedly hosted and even organized meetings on the first floor of the city council for this purpose.

And the current one, our nameless chopovets, who threw a 65-year-old elderly lady into a vase, against the background of Vasilkovsky, is a newcomer to this «fight club» at all.

The chairman of the Territorial Election Commission Vasilkovsky has an expunged criminal record under Article 318 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation — the use of violence against a representative of the authorities.

In 2016, he beat a precinct officer at a meeting with residents. Vasilkovsky pushed the policeman, grabbed him by the neck, tore off his badge and tore his uniform jacket — the injured law enforcement officer recorded bodily injuries.

Ivan Vasilkovsky fully admitted his guilt, repented of what he had done, so the court appointed him a year of probation.

A very strange choice of the Moscow Election Commission… And now several years have passed, and similar characters who find themselves in the position of chairman of the Territorial Election Commission have followers: capture, throw, flowerpot, spinal contusion.