Posted 20 сентября 2023,, 08:24

Published 20 сентября 2023,, 08:24

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Users of «State services» were urged to report on flying drones

Users of «State services» were urged to report on flying drones

20 сентября 2023, 08:24
The portal «Gosuslugi» (State services) has started mass mailing of advertisements for the mobile application «Radar», developed by the «All-Russian People's Front» (ONF) to send messages about dangerous drones.

Anna Skudayeva

According to users of «Public Services», calls to install an application for reports on the appearance of drones began to arrive in the morning of September 20.

«Help in the fight against dangerous drones, » says the appeal received from the «State Services» to install a «Radar».

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the Radar application, available to Android users, is designed to report suspicious objects in the sky. The presentation of the novelty took place in the executive committee of the ONF on August 18. Users were warned that if a citizen notices suspicious objects (for example, UAVs or sabotage groups), he will be able to open the application, position the smartphone in the direction of movement of the object, select what he saw and press the «Report» button.

«The signal will be immediately sent to the responsible federal services for verification and taking measures, » the ONF explained.

Soon after the official presentation, billboards advertising the application began to appear in the regions of the Russian Federation.

The mailing of mail invitations to download the «Radar» coincided with the drone attack on the oil depot in Adler, which caused outrage in social networks. Citizens began to wonder why the air defense system did not work in the vicinity of Sochi, where one of the residences of the head of state is located, where the airport continues to operate, and where many vacationers are at the height of the velvet season.

It should be noted that the citizens of the country received the distribution of the Radar application advertising through Public Services ambiguously. Some followed the advice and added the drone tracking service icon to the mobile screen. Others criticized the actions of the authorities.

They suggested that the proposal to «complain about drones» indicates that ordinary citizens should not place high hopes on air defense protection in the event of air attacks. They characterized the appearance of the application with an old saying: «the rescue of drowning people is the work of drowning people themselves.»

«This is a kind of „concern“ for the safety of citizens. And from the state to everyone — a flag to wave in case of anything, » the authors of the telegram channels sarcastically commented on the situation.

Earlier it was reported that since the beginning of its, the number of drone strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation has exceeded 500. Drone flights have long gone beyond the borders of new regions and have reached, among other things, the Russian capital.

Publicist Anatoly Nesmian believes that today's geography of drone arrivals is evidence that the government was not ready to repel UAV attacks.

This is partly confirmed by the confessions of the official authorities. In Moscow, after the largest drone attack, they promised to install new air defense systems. And Russian President Vladimir Putin, after the UAV attack on the Kremlin, recognized the work of Russian air defense systems as ineffective and called for «reconfiguring» it to repel attacks by small drones.