Russia has deployed bombers to the Afghan border

Russia has deployed bombers to the Afghan border
Russia has deployed bombers to the Afghan border
5 August 2021, 18:29ArmyPhoto: RT
Russia has strengthened the grouping of troops on the border with Afghanistan, most of the territory of which, after the withdrawal of NATO troops, was under the control of the Taliban movement, banned in the Russian Federation and recognized as a terrorist movement *.

Since August 5, Russia, together with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, decided to hold a trilateral exercise near the Tajik-Afghan border. According to RIA Novosti, the Ministry of Defense sends strategic bombers Tu-22M3 to participate in maneuvers to the Termez training ground in the Surkhandarya region. In total, about 500 pieces of equipment will be involved in the five-day maneuvers, 420 of which will be provided by the Russian Federation.

“Four aircraft capable of carrying nuclear weapons have relocated to an operational airfield in the Saratov region, from where they will fly to the Tajik-Afghan border in order to“ work out the tasks of delivering group bombing strikes on conditional camouflaged militant camps and ammunition depots, ” notes.

They will be covered by MiG-29 fighters of the Air Defense Forces and Air Defense Forces of Uzbekistan. The original plan for the exercise called for the transfer of thousands of soldiers. However, then they decided to increase the contingent to 1.8 thousand. Among those involved in the exercises are mountain motorized rifle, tank, artillery units. Their support will be provided by special forces, electronic warfare (EW) specialists, as well as specialists in the field of radiation, chemical and biological protection (RHBZ) of the Central Military District.

It became known the day before that the Taliban * movement (recognized as terrorist and banned in the Russian Federation) claimed responsibility for the explosion in Kabul. The militants confirmed that they intended to assassinate Afghan Defense Minister Bismillah Khan Mohammadi.

Earlier, an explosion took place near the minister's house. Eyewitnesses to the incident said they heard the shooting. Six people were wounded then. The minister himself was not injured.

According to the official representative of the movement Zabihullah Mujahid, a suicide bomber committed a terrorist attack near the minister's house. He also confirmed that the movement plans to carry out other retaliatory operations against high-ranking officials in Afghanistan, AFP reported.

The situation in the region worsened after the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. The Taliban took over most of the country, displacing the Afghan military outside the country. The UN notes a substantial increase in the number of victims of the conflict among the civilian population. For six months, about 1.6 thousand civilians were killed, another 3.2 thousand were injured.

Meanwhile, Pakistan has begun to erect a wall on the border with Afghanistan to block off terrorist attacks.

* - recognized as terrorist and prohibited in the Russian Federation

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