Putin promised to complete the mobilization within two weeks

Putin promised to complete the mobilization within two weeks
Putin promised to complete the mobilization within two weeks
14 October, 17:26ArmyPhoto: kremlin.ru
Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the goals of mobilization declared by the Ministry of Defense were almost achieved: only a few days remained before the end of the campaign.

According to Putin, today the country has already managed to mobilize 222,000 people.

“No additional mobilization actions are planned . They are not needed. I think that within two weeks all mobilization activities will be completed, ”the Shot telegram channel quoted the head of state as saying.

In the near future, on behalf of the president, the Security Council will check the quality of the military training of the mobilized.

Earlier it was reported that in many regions the campaign was organized hastily, at an extremely low level: the fighters were not given normal clothes, the necessary things, they were not provided with medical examinations , treatment and study.

As a result, the mobilized began to die right in the training centers and immediately after arriving at the front line .

About 700 people who were illegally mobilized in the regions of the Urals Federal District and the Perm Territory and ended up in the Yelansky training center in the Sverdlovsk Region, notorious for their deaths, were returned home .

Recall that partial mobilization was announced on September 21. The Ministry of Defense announced plans to call up 300,000 reservists. On September 29, the department clarified that those mobilized after combat coordination will carry out tasks for the defense of the territories occupied by Russian troops.

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