The honor of someone else's uniform: what is the uniform for the Russian army sewn from

The honor of someone else's uniform: what is the uniform for the Russian army sewn from
The honor of someone else's uniform: what is the uniform for the Russian army sewn from
16 February, 13:36ArmyPhoto: Фото: Военное обозрение
The state of the Russian light industry is such that military uniforms, from fabric and thread to ready-made clothing, are produced abroad.

Lawyer Alexei Fedyarov drew attention to an extremely curious aspect of the military confrontation between Russia and NATO:

“I haven’t told you the main military insider yet. I'm telling.

There is no light industry in Russia.

Well, that is in general. A couple of small ones in comparison with even Cambodian factories, such as Cheboksary knitwear, and that's it. Sewing workshops on Chinese machines are our industrial potential.

There is no cotton production, cotton processing, cotton thread production.

There is no production of synthetic threads.

There is no weaving and knitting production.

There is no machine tool.

Ivanovo, Kamyshin, Cheboksary - all these centers of light industry went bankrupt, most of the sites were given to developers. Miraculously surviving fragments with miserable powers remained.

Why am I?

Let me explain. Let's say you wanted to dress a soldier.

Fabric for uniforms, knitwear for socks and shorts, zippers, buttons, fasteners, buttons, different ribbons, elastic bands, threads - everything that a uniform consists of must be produced somewhere.

You can, of course, buy.

And then it needs to be sewn onto something.

You can, of course, buy ready-made or sew by hand.

You can even fight without panties, but I think it will be uncomfortable.

Plus, the machine should hang on a belt, and the belt is also a textile tape.

But this is half the trouble. Worst of all paratroopers.

They have a parachute - fabric, slings - tape.

Jumping without panties is still tolerable.

But without shorts and a parachute, I would not recommend it.

The US has its own textile facilities; Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South and even North Korea sew for themselves, India, Pakistan - exclusively for themselves, Europe has colossal textile capacities. Do not believe the tales of those who killed the Russian light industry.

Now the capacities for mass textiles (namely, they are migrating) have gone to Southeast Asia, a long time ago, by the way. Cambodia, Bangladesh, Laos, etc.

I have visited a lot of factories in Southeast Asia. That's where the factories are. 3-5 thousand seamstresses is the norm. Where did you see this in Russia, even in the best years?

Because of the size of my feet, I have been making custom socks for many years. In a good office near Moscow, which, in addition to its own production, also makes a private label for expensive brands. Once, twenty years ago, having bought several pairs for a high price in a store for large ones, I called the manufacturer indicated on the cardboard with a hook and ordered a hundred pairs four times cheaper) well, it went)) since then wholesale socks have risen in price from 6o rubles to two hundred. And this is with my many years of preferences. The owner, with whom we became friends, I even wrote a case about his business, explained everything simply - we knit a sock from imported yarn. We buy for euros. And ours, I asked 20 years ago, we don't have it. At all. 20 years ago there was still, but very crappy, completely unsuitable for production, and the last 15 years not at all ...

So the question is who made these uniforms and shoes. Raw materials, equipment, where does it come from? Is it normal that neither one nor the other is produced in the country at all?”

In Russia, there is not only food, but also manufacturing independence

Fedyarov's readers have confirmed that this is the case. For example, Marina Tsyganok writes:

"I've known about this for 20-25 years already. Because I've been sewing for myself and my family + for churches + embroidering for churches. And I know perfectly well that NOTHING is done in Russia for this occupation. Absolutely. Since the time of perestroika .All Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, German, Italian...

Sewing equipment - almost all countries of Southeast Asia. Most European brands are bought by Chinese or Koreans. Durkopp Adler, Pfaff - it's all been China for a long time.

I quickly found a way out: everything I need is purchased in bulk from wholesale online stores of companies that place their orders in China, but then sell them in Russia as their own brands. For people like me, on the contrary, now it’s better and there is a choice, but for the security of the country it’s an asshole, since we not only have no food independence, but also manufacturing. We never thought about the population, neither now, nor with the scoop ... "

Alexander Bederov refers to his own experience:

“I worked in light industry. I saw weaving and sewing factories for sale in the mid-90s, incl. and in Moscow. The main problem for buyers was to dismantle the lines of perfectly serviceable machines, and put them somewhere to free up the sites. It was impossible to sell them, of course. The sight was very sad. All ties with Central Asia were cut off - their cotton went abroad. There was nothing to pay. Well, the general crisis, of course.

Olga Starikova gave a similar example from a related area, also important for supplying the Russian army:

“I, as forever tied to the refrigeration business, will add that our grubs are also stored in the cold thanks to bourgeois technologies. The entire refrigerator, from the ice cream kiosk to industrial warehouses, is all foreign. Only our media, pipes, in the sense. "Our business is a pipe." And it's bad enough without refrigerators. Even worse than without panties. There, at least you can tie the skin, but you will eat something ... "

True, Konstantin Antropov cited as an example almost the same situation that had recently existed in the American army:

"Not surprising. I remember that a few years ago there was a huge scandal in the States. It turns out that the uniforms for the US Army are sewn in China. Moreover, in super-duper-modern weapons, Made in Chin boards and chips are massively used ... "

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