31 cadets of Nakhimov Naval School contracted the coronavirus

31 cadets of Nakhimov Naval School contracted the coronavirus
31 cadets of Nakhimov Naval School contracted the coronavirus
18 April 2020, 15:05ArmyPhoto: runews24.ru
Coronavirus was diagnosed for 31 of 155 pupils of the Nakhimov Naval School, the Russian Ministry of Defense informed. All infected are under the supervision of military doctors in Moscow.

According to the Ministry of Defense, the cause of the infection of the cadets could be the contact of one of the teachers with civilians in Moscow, noting that the pupils of the Nakhimov School did not take part in the training for the Victory Parade in Alabino, near Moscow, where rehearsals of servicemen from different military units took place on April 1.

According to representatives of the Ministry of Defense, all Nakhimov’s infected with coronavirus were quarantined in the sanatorium of the Ministry of Defense, and they did not have a high temperature and symptoms of the disease.

It is unrealistic to completely close the school and leave people in quarantine, the school is not adapted for this, said Sergey Krivenko, director of the Citizen and the Army public initiative in an interview with Radio Sputnik .

“We need to dismiss the cadets home and thereby prevent their infection. Then they will sit, like all schoolchildren, and it will be necessary to organize their online education. It is not by chance that educational institutions are closed and transferred to home schooling. Probably, the same thing had to be done with schools, "believes Sergey Krivenko.

The Nakhimov Naval School is located in St. Petersburg and in the regions it has its own branches.

On the eve of the deputy governor of the Tyumen region Olga Kuznechevsky said that one of two foci of coronavirus infection in the region was found on the territory of the Tyumen Higher Military Engineering Command School.

The Ministry of Defense reported the infection of 14 cadets of the school. As reported, all of them were isolated and transferred to quarantine mode, their condition was called normal, without symptoms of the disease. The reason for the mass infection, which was named in the military department - is similar to the situation in the Nakhimov school - the contact of a soldier with civilians.

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