Russian military began testing secret missiles with a range of 750 km

Russian military began testing secret missiles with a range of 750 km

19 February , 12:42ArmyPhoto: ТВ "Звезда"
The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has begun testing unknown types of missiles, with an estimated range of at least 750 kilometers.

Tests are carried out from a Russian warship in the direction of the waters adjacent to the coast of Norway and Spitzbergen.

“Judging by the conditional missile launch scheme and the designated danger zone, the missile launch range will be at least 750 kilometers and can reach 900 kilometers”, - notes

The publication reports that the nuclear submarine "Kazan" was to take part in the tests. But at the moment, confirmation of information about the involvement of this nuclear submarine in the exercises has not yet been received.

Observers note that the shooting in the direction of Spitsbergen, and not the Chizha training ground in the Arkhangelsk region, can be explained by the aggravation of the international situation. The choice of the training area was obviously Russia's response to the actions of the NATO countries. Earlier it was reported that the United States and Norway have deployed four strategic missile carriers B-1B "Lancer" near the Russian borders.

An increase in NATO presence was also seen in the test area with the launch of Russia's latest hypersonic missile, the Zircon, dubbed the "Carrier Killer". The flight range of this rocket is up to 1000 km, and the speed is 8-9 times higher than the speed of sound.

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