Question of the day for the Ministry of Defense: where did the Banderomobiles come from?

Question of the day for the Ministry of Defense: where did the Banderomobiles come from?
Question of the day for the Ministry of Defense: where did the Banderomobiles come from?
28 February, 09:52ArmyPhoto: Соцсети
In Ukraine, nationalist battalions use the so-called "bander cars", following the example of international terrorists in Syria, said the official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Igor Konashenkov.

According to the military speaker, "these vehicles have increased cross-country ability and are equipped with large-caliber small arms or mortars."

The conclusion, according to the creative idea of our military, should be drawn by the reader: the nationalists of Ukraine are adopting terrorist experience from the Middle East "colleagues" - the Islamists.

Пикап с пулеметом в сирийской пустыне - отнюдь не изобретение исламистов

This is, of course, a bad thing, or a very bad thing. But the modern "Banderites" had no need to learn from those who themselves adopted their past military experience during the Civil War on the lands of the former Russian empire.

Who does not believe that this is so, look at one of the symbols of Rostov-on-Don, standing at the entrance of the city from its southern side. This is a monument to a Rostov woman cart, a direct "relative" of all Bandero and jihad mobiles!

Of course, 100 years ago there were no land cruisers. They were replaced by "all-wheel drive" horses, pounding on the Ukrainian and Don steppes with all four hooves. Well, there was a machine gun in the cart - the most formidable small arms of that time.

Tachanka-Rostovchanka was built in 1977 - the year of the 60th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Dedicated to the First Cavalry Army during the Civil War.

However, carts were used not only by the cavalry of the future Marshal Budyonny, but also by the army of Makhno, and a bunch of all kinds of gangs that walked around the lands of Ukraine and southern Russia.

And yes, during the Second World War, carts were used in some places by Bandera.

Finally, the strangest thing about Konashenkov's statement.

Автомобиль УАЗ-23632-148-64 стоит на вооружении российской армии
Есть и вариант на базе Лады-Нивы с пулеметом.
Багги тоже может быть использована как тачанка времен Гражданской войны

As you know, in the Russian army there is a direct analogue of both a cart and a "banderomobile". This is UAZ-23632-148-64. They like to show it at parades and exhibitions. And they never say that the Russian army thereby adopted the experience of its Islamic enemies from Syria.

Did General Konashenkov really not know about this?

And if he knew, why, excuse me, to substitute for obvious stupidity?

Старые Запорожцы на Украине в шутку зовут "бандеромобилями". Но пулеметов на них нет

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