Adults may envy: TikTok schoolchildren's ad revenues are calculated

Adults may envy: TikTok schoolchildren's ad revenues are calculated
Adults may envy: TikTok schoolchildren's ad revenues are calculated
2 November, 20:50BusinessPhoto:
Experts analyzed the advertising market for publications on the TikTok network and found that young bloggers on this network earn much more for posting commercial information than their adult competitors.

The cost of advertising on the TikTok network using artificial intelligence was calculated by Yoloco at the request of RBC. As the newspaper notes, the audience of this network has already surpassed Telegram and reached 15.3 million people, of which 14.8 million are over 12 years old.

“The highest paid bloggers on TikTok, as follows from the calculations, were schoolchildren and students aged 12 to 21 years”, - the newspaper said.

Advertisers pay them an average of 1.6 thousand rubles per post, while adult users - only 1.3 thousand. Children under 12 are paid less - about 1,000 rubles, the worst selling is advertising in public accounts that do not have their own "face". There you can only earn 500 rubles for 1 post.

Analysts divided all bloggers into groups according to the number of subscribers. The category of “nano” includes users who are watched by less than 10 thousand people, “micro” - from 10 to 100 thousand followers, “middle” - from 100 to 300 thousand, “macro” - from 300 to 500 thousand. Bloggers are in the "top" category, their work is watched by from 0.5 to 1 million people. Those, whose videos are watched by more than a million subscribers, were called "stars".

On average, advertisers pay 350 rubles for one commercial post to a nanoblogger, a micro - 600 rubles, a middle one - 1 thousand, and a star's earnings reach 25 thousand rubles. per post. Lawyers point out that, according to the law, children over 14 years old can enter into contracts with advertisers themselves and receive royalties.

younger colniks are not independent in solving financial issues, therefore, on their behalf, the parents should deal with the paperwork.

It is curious that advertising in women's accounts costs about twice as much as in men's ones, 2 thousand against 1 thousand rubles. The most profitable thing is to conduct psychological blogs (they pay an average of 7 thousand per post for advertising). In second place are dancers and cooks - 3 thousand each for an advertising post. Least of all receive gamers and bloggers preparing reviews of gadgets (500-600 rubles).

Account monetization is positively influenced by the inclusion of emoji in the description texts, as well as the frequency of publications and cooperation with other advertisers: the more posts, including custom ones, the higher the price of the advertising offer. The cost of advertising strongly depends not only on the number of subscribers, but also on the number of likes in the header of the account. Owners of more than 2 million likes can count on earnings that are 8 times higher than those of competitors. According to advertisers, the cost of one view on TikTok is now about 20-30 kopecks.

Advertising on TikTok is actively ordered not only by small manufacturers selling goods worth up to 1-2 thousand rubles, but also by large companies, including in the field of finance and other services, aimed at quickly and cheaply reaching a large audience: on average, advertising on TikTok costs customers 2–5 times less than in other networks.

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