Germany freezes transfers and seizes cars bought by Russians

Germany freezes transfers and seizes cars bought by Russians

Germany freezes transfers and seizes cars bought by Russians

3 June, 14:43
Up-to-date information on the topic of difficulties associated with the purchase and delivery of cars from Germany to Russia was shared by the AvtoRevizorro YouTube channel.

“In short, the idea with a car from Germany can be, if not forgotten, then temporarily paused, postponed.

Everything turned upside down.

The Central Bank lifted restrictions on foreign currency transfers. It used to be ten thousand, now you can translate fifty.

Class! Managed to rejoice literally fifteen minutes.

The Germans immediately began to unsubscribe, German sellers, official dealers, with whom the transaction had already been fully agreed upon, the purchase and sale agreement had already been signed, that's all, they were only waiting for the transfer of money.

And the Germans began to write: do not translate! Everything, in no case, do not transfer money, they will be frozen!

Subscribers of the AvtoRevizorro telegram channel began to report the same information. This was also confirmed by people from the German customs.

Well, okay, everyone thought, this is unpleasant, but everyone knows how to get around it. This means that we will not make a purchase directly, but pretend that we are buying a car somewhere else, and not in Russia. And, accordingly, we will transfer money from somewhere else.

Fortunately, many of those who are interested in ordering cars from Germany have several passports, many have companies in Europe, accounts in the European Union, have relatives in different countries, in general, money can be transferred to Germany.

In extreme cases, there are muddy offices that are always happy to help in this matter. But by the middle of the week, information began to come from colleagues that even those made from the European Union, absolutely clean, white, were freezing transfers - for cars that would eventually go to Russia.

Plus, the most unpleasant information: they began to arrest cars that had already been bought, paid for, at the stage of processing export documents at the German customs.

An important digression right away: this is information from colleagues. Everything is fine with me personally, the cars that I bring are fine with them, but I still don’t dare to bring new ones.

And all this about cars more expensive than 50,000 euros. That is, these are cars that are 100% subject to sanctions.

And now the most important point that I ask everyone to hear: we are talking about cars bought through intermediaries. That is, yes, everyone knows that this car will go to Russia, but it is framed as if it were not going to Russia, according to the papers, this car does not go to Russia. Nevertheless, she was arrested pending further proceedings.

...The safest way to buy a car from Germany today is to find an advertisement for the sale of a car on, among those that were brought for sale to Belarus".

The entire video can be viewed here.

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