No longer a show: "Ural dumplings" seized millions from the ex-director

No longer a show: "Ural dumplings" seized millions from the ex-director
No longer a show: "Ural dumplings" seized millions from the ex-director
4 June 2020, 16:28BusinessPhoto:
The participants of the TV show Ural dumplings seized almost two million rubles from the ex-director of the television program Sergei Netievsky after a five-year trial. The Intellectual Property Rights Court upheld the decision of two lower instances.

The company of Netievsky LLC Idea Fix Media used the rights of six actors in violation of the deadlines. The company transferred the rights to use the images of the actors of the TV show to the STS channel after the contract for the transfer of these rights to Idea Fix Media LLC expired. Television participants demanded compensation.

“The amount of compensation is calculated in proportion to the number of months of illegal use of copyright. The court of first instance fully satisfied the lawsuit, recovering from 148 thousand to 590 thousand rubles in favor of each plaintiff”, - the law office commented.

Half of the company belongs to the Netievsky First Hand Media studio, in which Netievsky is the financial director. Netievsky was fired from the post of director of the Ural Pelmeni creative studio in 2015, after which numerous legal proceedings began, who owned the copyright for the materials shot during this period and the broadcast logo. Then they tried to start a criminal case against Netievsky for embezzlement of 173 million rubles, but the case was dismissed because there was no corpus delicti. In 2018, Netievsky accused the former deputy director of Idea Fix Media LLC and the current head of Ural Dumplings Evgeny Orlov of withdrawing more than 330 million rubles. According to Netievsky, the actors themselves were involved in the withdrawal of funds. In a recent letter to the media, he said that he intends to sue the actors for more than 68 million rubles. According to Netievsky, in 2015-2016 the company issued loans to them for 8-9 million each. The funds were not returned. Netievsky filed two more lawsuits for 9 and 56 million rubles. According to him, Ural dumplings violated his copyrights by selling collections of television shows worth over 250 million rubles to STS.

“For five years now, people have been sharing business. There will be no winners in this matter. They lost everything, as they allowed themselves to be drawn into this long-standing lawsuit. When the conflict entered a new stage, it was necessary to sit down at the negotiating table and negotiate. Now, not a single compensation will cover the expenses of the parties on legal support, the time and nerves spent during this period”, - commented the managing partner of the Moscow Law Office Shcheglov & Partners, lawyer Yulia Lyalyutskaya.

Earlier, the star of the TV show Yulia Mikhalkova commented that the money did not cause the team to break up. According to her, each artist "wanted to develop in his own way and try something new".

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