In response to criticism: for a video about the governor of Kuzbass, the journalist was taken to the police

In response to criticism: for a video about the governor of Kuzbass, the journalist was taken to the police
In response to criticism: for a video about the governor of Kuzbass, the journalist was taken to the police
22 February 2021, 14:25Business
The Kemerovo police broke into the apartment of the famous journalist Foma Neverov, shouting "Did you post videos about the governor?"

The KuzPress portal reported on Saturday that the editor of the Kemerovo magazine "Abazhur" Roman Kupriyanov, known under the pseudonym Foma Neverov, was taken to the police. The journalist's mother told about this publication.

According to her, loud knocking on the vestibule door began at about 14:00. Since there was no certainty that the editor had come to her, they did not open the door. A few minutes later, a SOBR (special police force) fighter "entered" the balcony door. Then the search began.

Foma himself managed to get through to the lawyer who was present during the search.

According to him, these events are connected with journalistic activities and with publications containing criticism of the governor of the Kemerovo region and now the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Kemerovo region has opened a case on the fact of the publication of the video on the illegal obtaining of information from computers of the regional administration (Article 272 of the Criminal Code)

Foma Neverov himself writes in his blog:

“Congratulations to the Governor of the Kemerovo Region Sergey Tsivilev.

This was his best PR in 2.5 years in office. SOBR (special police) flies into the balcony door, throws me on the floor, yelling in my face: have you posted videos about the governor ?!

And he holds his head with his foot so that he does not twitch.

- Probably, I answer, spread it.

- Who is the customer? - yells the cop, who then threatened to beat me "right in front of the witnesses." I saw this in the 1990s, and I was sure that it was not the police, but the lads.

Sergey Tsivilev, you have assembled an excellent team. Kuzbass can be proud of you. Especially my 67-year-old mother, who is still under pressure.

Clean coal, green Kuzbass, and a governor in a cloak with a bloody lining ...


Details of the morning when SOBR (special police force) came.

We ignored the knock on the door. Our neighbors often knock like that - the family is big, someone forgets the keys. And I moved in with my mother for a short time after an unsuccessful rented apartment.

Why it was impossible to call the intercom when the whole street was full of police, I don't know. It was also possible by phone: the CPE did so last spring, and I went there.

I never hid at all, and more often I myself asked for information from such structures.

I sleep further - I worked all night. Shouts from the balcony: police, lie down!

And I’m just lying on the couch. The SOBR policemen kicks out the balcony door with his foot, and in a matter of seconds, while I woke up, the apartment was filled with strangers, and I was lying on the floor, hands behind my head, on top of someone’s ankle so that I would not move in vain.

- Did you post videos about the governor? Who is the customer? Who is the customer ?! one of the guests yells in the face.

Then they cooled down a bit, and by some miracle they allowed a lawyer to be called. It was not easy, and I was incredibly lucky - the lawyer came, although I was no longer allowed to send him the address in the message.

Article 272. It was as if I had hacked the governor's computer, where he kept obscene anecdotes (one of them, posted on "Lampshade", is imputed to me).

Most of all I was afraid that my mother would become ill. The cops were rude, and she recently underwent heart surgery (stenting) and then lost her orientation in space, every now and then repeating "how is that?"

Search. They seized all the equipment. Two desktops, a laptop, a tablet and two of my smartphones - they surrounded the house for a couple of hundred square meters. They left my mother's smartphone, but the computer was taken away, and she earns a small increase in her pension on it - she makes simple videos for VK (at 67 years old! Weak, Comrade Major?)

One of the fighters (GU MVD, not a dog's hose) promises personally that mom's computer will be checked first. I lied, of course - the investigator in the department rejected such thoughts.

From home to the police, I rode in a car filled with SOBR - wearing masks and with stripes on the back.

Evona, I think, how: he criticized Navalny himself, and found himself in his place. That personal enemy of Putin, the governor himself sends tough guys to me. Also, it turns out, personal.

I am already passing by the investigator as a witness. Also, I believe, the merit of the lawyer who still defended "Nemagia" from Tinkov, in a similar chaos.

What are they doing with the suspects?

Funny governor videos, by the way, were pulled from the recording of an open reception.

At best, the technique is given away in a few months.

- We do our job - says the employee.

No, guys, these excuses will not work at the highest court ... "


And on Sunday, other, no less shocking details of this case became known. Kuzbass businessman Vyacheslav Chernov wrote about them in his blog:

“What will be heard now is very important and has to do with my safety and the safety of my family.

Based on the results of reflections as a result of yesterday's events related to the detention of the Kemerovo journalist Foma Neverov, from whom they tried to find out where he got the audio recording with harsh, essentially bandit statements by Governor Tsivilev, I came to the conclusion that it is pointless to continue to keep socially significant information secret taking into account the fact that the security forces now know everything and how aggressive their further actions will be is not clear.

I have no illusions, but to some extent I hope that the release of this information will serve to protect me.


The audio recording from these scandalous videos was made by me during Tsivilev's visit, immediately after my inauguration in 2018, to Sheregesh and is a cut from the personal dialogue between me and Tsivilev.

Tsivilev began his activities as governor immediately with an attempt to raid my property in Sheregesh - this was set up by the former team of Tuleyev deputies, which by that time had been lobbied by the oligarch Igor Prokudin and was in search of an optimal solution, how to take away land without noise and dust. plots at the base of the mountain in the historical center of the resort for Prokudin. By that time, in exchange for lobbying his interests, Prokudin had already allocated a significant amount as social agreements for the demolition of objects and the seizure of land from a number of local entrepreneurs, one of whom was me.

Tsivilev the task seemed an easy walk, and he decided to settle the issue through a personal meeting with the intended victims. When it was my turn, I entered the meeting room located in the Olga Hotel on Zelenaya Mountain. I was seated surrounded by the governor's team of 8-10 people.

I went to this meeting knowingly that there would be an attempt to exert pressure so that I voluntarily renounce the ownership of the property belonging to me.

Initially, I did not perceive this meeting otherwise than as a bandit shooter, to which I was summoned. Therefore, in order to protect myself, I made an audio recording, which was supposed to become evidence of illegal actions against me.

In his opening speech, Tsivilev explained that the development of the resort took place and everyone who participated in this earlier was great, but now the time has come for new achievements and I must give up my property rights in order to implement further plans for the development of the resort.

I stated directly that I consider these actions of his to be an attempt at a raider takeover.

In response, Tsivilev was very indignant and spoke for about half an hour. During this monologue, the very lines that you hear in the videos were heard.

Tsivilev frightened, intimidated and promised to "nightmare" me if I turn to the prosecutor's office, and also made a long speech on the theme of the Great Patriotic War.

He uttered a lot of lies and empty promises, none of which he realized.

At the moment, he initiated a legal action against me with the aim of depriving me of the ownership of the property I own. A week ago, the court started considering the claim.

A more detailed presentation of this whole story requires a large amount of text, video and documentary evidence and needs a separate detailed description.

Foma Neverov was the only journalist who expressed a desire and determination to provide me with this kind of assistance in protecting my legal rights.

Yesterday they came for him.

By our preliminary agreement, he explained to the police that the recording was made by me and now they know everything.

It is not known what their further actions will be. Therefore, in order to avoid speculation on the part of the authorities, I stated everything publicly.

The criminal case is open and at the moment, I am sure, a meeting is underway - which side to approach me and how to strike me in the least noisy way.

Behind all this is Sergey Tsivilev with his team, and if something happens to me, you know what is happening..."

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