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27 May
Murmansk: a city that has become a garbage dump (photo report)
The long-awaited May is in full swing. A polar day has been established in the Murmansk region, and the rays of the sun caress the world's largest...
Driving for a corpse? Pay the fine! There is a catastrophic lack of parking in Kommunarka
The publication of NI “Hearse in turn ... The funeral of the dead because of the Covid turns into big problems” attracted the attention of not only...
22 May
From May 25 in Moscow, the MFC and car sharing will work, but the access control will be tightened
The MFC and car sharing will partially resume work in Moscow next week. However, the pass control system will still remain, and workers will not be...
20 May
Moscow City Hall plans envisage mass chipping of Muscovites by 2030
Film director Nikita Mikhalkov uselessly accuses Bill Gates of cunning plans for chipping Russians and turning them into biorobots in the uncertain...
18 May
Queues of people wishing to pass coronavirus tests lined up in Moscow
Muscovites lined up to take an antibody test for a new coronavirus disease. The number of people wishing to pass the test exceeded the expectations...
14 May
Social monitoring: How Moscow mocks quarantined patients
How to help a coronavirus sufferer if the hospital runs out of space? Send a person to self-medication at home. For the reliability, ask to make...
12 May
The self-isolation index in Moscow fell to a record low
In connection with the beginning of the working week and the resumption of work of construction sites and industrial enterprises in Moscow, there...