Question of the day: is it possible to build your own terrace on a shared roof?

Question of the day: is it possible to build your own terrace on a shared roof?
Question of the day: is it possible to build your own terrace on a shared roof?
2 September 2020, 10:13City
Daria Andreyevna Rudakova sent a letter to the neighbors, in which she asked them not to worry - they say she just wants to correct the mistakes of the builders and put the roof of the high-rise building in order.

In Daria's explanation only one thing was alarming: she announced that she was planning to walk her cats on the roof and put there two chairs...

Oleg Goryunov

The city madwoman is the first thing that came to the mind of the neighbors and, I must confess, to the author of this article: who in our time will repair an apartment building at his own expense?

However, a closer look at this history and knowledge of life made us take a different attitude to the emotional impulse of the Muscovite Daria Rudakova: after all, this is how you can come to condemn a person who has rendered harmless a criminal at risk to the life of the rubbish from the asphalt to take it to the trash can is the janitor's business...

Соседи "документировали" методы работы ремонтников крыши

One way or another, but at the end of August this year, on the roof of house no. 36, building 2 on Zelenodolskaya Street, workers without uniforms began noisy work - they opened the roof covering over apartment no. 200, and then, after loading construction waste into bags, they began to dump them from height into the truck bed.

A commotion began in the house: either the overhaul began without warning, or something else?

В начале письма сообщалось об отсутствии на крыше защитных фартуков из оцинкованной стали

It was then that D. Rudakova's “reassuring” letter appeared:

Вот он - защитный фартук

People reacted with suspicion to the letter: still - it said that the protective aprons were missing, and the neighbors of Rudakova Daria saw them:

"Для того чтобы провести ремонтные работы, требуется ТЗ застройщика и демонтаж имеющегося покрытия"

The second "message" in the letter of the Muscovite repairwoman was a message that expanded clay on the roof is not needed, that it allegedly reduces the height of the parapet, which should be at least 205 mm:

From this excerpt of the letter, the attentive neighbors realized that Daria Rudakova knew that for any work to be carried out, they had to be approved by the developer, who had disappeared a long time ago, and, therefore, the owner of apartment No. 200 had exceeded her powers.

Жалоба в управляющую компанию 4-х жильцов дома №36; корпус 3 по Зеленодольской улице в Москве

"The lady had read a lot of snips, decided that the expert, without permission, demolished everything. Now she decided to arrange the roof in her own way, as she knows best. In fact, this is a" multi-way "with attaching roofs in the form of a veranda", - she expressed her opinion about what was happening Elena Isaeva, D. Rudakova's neighbor.

Проект кровли создан ООО "Моспроект"

The complaint to the management company was well founded: D. Rudakova's neighbors found a project for arranging their roof:

На этапе разрушения стяжки в дело вмешался Глава Управы района Кузьминки Олег Пунделя

An amazing story, of course: the workers hired by Daria Rudakova managed, without any resistance from the management company, to demolish everything that was designed by Mosproekt LLC, and even began to dismantle the reinforced concrete screed:

Предписание о немедленном прекращении работ на крыше выписала управляющая компания

Yes, if it were not for Oleg Pundelya, head of the Kuzminki district council, no one knows what would have been left of the roof of house number 36, building 2, which is on Zelenodolskaya street. Daria Rudakova received a “red card” in her address, in the language of football:

The order to stop the work was given to Daria Rudakova under her personal signature, the order was issued by the management company.

We managed to talk with the head of the management company Alexander Churilov:

- Did Daria agree on anything with you?

- No, I didn’t agree.

- How so?

- Well, that's how it happened: she is an extraordinary lady...

We also contacted the very culprit of the commotion in the apartment building:

- Hello, Daria! In a letter to your neighbors, you write that they do not understand you, that you are being slandered. We can come to you, you will tell us what and how, show the place of repair.

- Why do I need it?

- You need it so that we can tell two points of view on this problem...

- Who gave you the right to come to me?

- We do not insist, we propose to state your views on life, on repairs - it's in your interests.

- Okay, come.

The author of this article was already on the way when Daria called back and said that the meeting was canceled: "Tomorrow - September 1, I have to get my children to school, sorry, but I won't be able to meet with you".

Рабочий то ли сматывает провода, то ли их разматывает...

Darya's neighbors opened their doors to us, and we learned that active work on the roof had really stopped. True, it is very likely that Daria Rudakova did not dismiss the construction brigade - one of the workers was still at his workplace...

Today the noise around apartment No. 200 and in the apartment itself continued: Andrey, a neighbor from above told our editorial office that there was a crash in the "bad" apartment, according to Bulgakov, - obviously some work is underway:

- She, most likely, cuts the door to her future terrace.

- The terrace?

- Well, yes, and you did not know?

- No, they didn't know.

- Now I will send you the documentation.

Пункт №10 - монтаж террасной доски

Andrey soon sent us an estimate of the work ordered by Daria Rudakova, and it really does include a terrace board:

Андрей не берется утверждать, что в этом документе от 2016 года говорится о выходе на террасу

Andrey was not mistaken about the door either - here is a document stating that, in fact, Daria Rudakova has already approved the roof improvement project "where necessary."

“Maybe Daria is going to change the interior door - after all, she is also doing repairs in her apartment. Do you know that she is going to make repairs and leave, sell the apartment?” D. Rudakova's neighbor said in an interview with NI.

Like this: convert the roof above your apartment into a terrace for walking cats, and then move out of the apartment, after having cut a hole in the outer wall under the door ...

В доме, который построила строительная компания ПИК, панели наружных стен не совпадают по горизонтали...
В доме, который построила строительная компания ПИК, межпанельные щели и спустя 8 лет не были герметизированы

We do not know if Daria Rudakova is right or not. Maybe the builders really made the roof over her apartment wrong? Maybe the state officials who received this house did not notice the "inaccuracy" of the builders? Maybe Muscovites really have the right, at least at their own expense, to correct the mistakes of both, and there is nothing wrong with that?

The view from his balcony prompted the author of this article to these thoughts:

In the house, which was built by the PIK construction company in the Solntsevo Park microdistrict in 2012, the gaps between the panels have not yet been sealed, and maybe, following the example of Daria Rudakova, take and carry out repairs at their own expense?

The only pity is that no one will ever be able to combine the panels that do not match horizontally, neither the author of this article, nor the PIK Group.

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