20 meters per hour: no accessible environment for disabled people has been created in Moscow

20 meters per hour: no accessible environment for disabled people has been created in Moscow
20 meters per hour: no accessible environment for disabled people has been created in Moscow
5 May, 19:33City
Even in order to cross the road, a person in a wheelchair has to embark on a long journey.

An accessible environment for people with disabilities, even in Moscow, remains a dream, not to mention the rest of Russia. Public figure Lida Moniava reminded about this once again, who tried to get from one place to another with her pupil Kolya. If for a healthy person this trip takes 40 minutes at most, then it took them more than an hour and a half:

“I am wildly enraged by the inaccessible environment. Immediately you feel not a person, but a flawed one. Why can everyone in Moscow cross the road, but Kolya and I cannot? Why can everyone enter the transport, but Kolya and I cannot?

We cannot cross Leningradskiy Prospekt, we have to go to the nearest accessible passage, bypassing the whole area. We met at the elevator at the crossing with a family - mom, dad, a baby in a pram. They also went around the whole area in order to cross the road. They say that the Sokol metro has an elevator in the passage, but it does not work, they wrote several official letters to officials on this topic, but the elevator was never turned on. There is also an elevator, but it has not been working in the passage to Mayakovskaya for many years.

In most of the underground passages in Moscow, in principle, there is no elevator, only a kamikaze ramp, which cannot be used with a wheelchair. There are very few ground crossings. Thus, disabled people in Moscow cannot cross most of the roads. The distance is 20 meters, and you can go around it for several hours.

You are waiting as the last salvation for the bus that will take you across the inaccessible highway. And 5 buses arrive of the old model, with steps at the entrance, inaccessible to the disabled. Is it generally okay to release vehicles on the route that will not be available to all residents of the city? In my opinion, this is a shame and segregation.

In the photo - Kolya near the elevator through the underground passage across the Leningradskoe highway. Once every 100 years, they made an elevator in an underground passage. But it is impossible to enter the elevator in a wheelchair, it is too narrow.

Stood an hour with 3 wheelchairs on the highway. And there was no more patience. How many more years will road crossings in Moscow be inaccessible to disabled people? To the Moscow government, which does not respond to my official inquiries on the electronic document management system, please make the crossings through the streets of Moscow accessible for people with disabilities. And it turns out very embarrassing..."

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