Balcony protest: Muscovites were not satisfied with a fake "discussion" on renovation

Balcony protest: Muscovites were not satisfied with a fake "discussion" on renovation

Balcony protest: Muscovites were not satisfied with a fake "discussion" on renovation

7 July 2020, 10:40
The Preobrazhensky court of Moscow received a class action lawsuit to declare it illegal to hold public discussions on renovation projects on the Active Citizen platform. 78 residents of the Bogorodskoye district are the claimants.

Lyudmila Butuzova

Renovations in Bogorodsky had no luck with the inhabitants.

Municipal deputies Ivan Khalezov, Margarita Telmanova, Andrei Nichemerzhin and Moscow City Duma deputy Mikhail Timonov also joined the residents. Defendants: Moscow City Planning and Land Commission (chaired by Mayor Sergei Sobyanin) and the City Commission for Urban Planning, Land Use and Development under the Government of the capital.

The plaintiffs claim that replacing public hearings with public discussions on the AG platform during the pandemic violated the rights of residents of the district and allowed the organizers to falsify the voting results on the projects of renovation of neighborhoods in the interests of construction corporations.

“There was no need to hold discussions on such an important issue at the very peak of the epidemic”, - said municipal deputy Ivan Khalezov. - The beginning of June, in Moscow, the regime of strict isolation, the ban on social events, the IFC does not work, people do not have the opportunity to see projects ...No, the organizers push "public discussions" on the Internet. We have hundreds of residents either not aware of the existence of the Active Citizen site, or They dont have Internet. Many not were able to leave a review due to technical problems of the platform, despite the help of tech support. Tens of thousands of people in the district (109,000 live in total) did not know about public discussions. They simply were deprived of the opportunity to study projects, listen to the rationale and form their opinion - the proposed renovation of neighborhoods is suitable for life or this is another lobbying for the interests of the construction complex. There were suspicions that this was precisely why they were in a hurry, because everything had already been decided in advance, only formal approval was lacking. An “Active Citizen” is ideal to draw any kind of results. And so it happened.

In fairness, not everyone in Bogorodsky is not friends with the Internet and not everyone blindly trusts renovation masters to build and remodel neighborhoods to their taste. 3,518 people took part in public discussions on the project on the project for planning the territory of microdistricts 4B, 5B, 8B, 37B, at least a third of them left critical comments and substantiated objections to the projects.

On June 13, a report on the results of public discussions was posted on the site, and the district lost peace and sleep. Local resident Artyom Korolev, first acquainted with the conclusion, informed the neighbors:

“Gentlemen, some kind of horror is happening! The result is as follows: all comments and critical reviews are REJECTED. Everything. People do not hear and do not want to hear. Only positive reviews have been taken into account”

But in general, the “Active Citizen” calculated predictably: empty (without comment) reviews FOR, wound up by the admin resource, are recommended for accounting. All objections and comments of residents of the district are not recommended. With particular cynicism treated with reviews of "support with comments." The fact of support for the project is taken into account, and comments are not recommended. The protocol was made as a carbon copy from other areas - the city commission on land use and development, headed by Bochkarev and Knyazhevskaya, apparently uses a universal scheme without reading comments.

With numbers a very interesting story, if you analyze them. Ivan Khalezov analyzed, conducted his own survey in the group “Residents of Bogorodsky” and compared it with the data of the VKontakte poll. Result: about 3,500 votes in favor are for only one of the projects (quarters 4B, 5B, 8B, 37B) of Bogorodsky. But residents had the opportunity to vote on it of three districts - Preobrazhenka, Metrogorodok and Bogorodskoye, as Prostornaya Street expands, which is the border between them. For two other projects - the project of the quarter 15-16B and quarter 19B, where only Bogorodskoye participated, the result of the FOR is much more modest - only a thousand or so. At the same time, the result AGAINST all three projects is the same 800-900 votes. From this, according to the deputy, we can conclude about the size of the votes of the administrative resource, which was applied with equal intensity in three districts - about 1000 votes per district.

The renovation program in the Bogorodskoye district includes 143 houses. Projects have so far only affected Fight and Malaya Cherkizovskaya Streets of Rokossovsky and Alymov Lane, but it is already clear that there will be nothing left of a green and quiet area in the Eastern District of the capital, except for new high-rises and highways under the windows.

It was precisely against this that the inhabitants objected. From the comments on the projects: “I don’t support it, the altitude was promised 14 floors, not 30”. “Reduce building density, reduce number of storeys, add more parking spaces! Make more places to relax and walk with the children”. “This project is by no means in the interest of you and me - the residents of the district. The renovation project is made in the interests of construction corporations. We do not agree”. “Now there are 2 exits to the center from the Bogorodskoye district: through the Bogorodsky Val and Rostokino, where traffic jams gather every morning. An increase in the density of development of the area will lead to transport collapse. In addition, the entire green space will be destroyed, and instead there will be multi-storey house-boxes! A huge request not to destroy the green area with normal ecology - after all, they are already practically gone in Moscow!” “We demand to disclose data on the sequence and places of resettlement of residents of demolished houses. Provide detailed information on the waves of relocation. Disclose information on the types and series of new houses, the builder of houses, the construction period, launch sites for the waves of relocation". “Reduce the expansion of existing streets. Additionally increase the number of social facilities (clinics, schools, leisure facilities)”

A separate topic is the vote-up on AG at the expense of those who do not live, but simply work in the area, “today they work here, tomorrow in a different place, but their voices will affect the future of the area and the people who have lived here for many years.” Judging by the empty cells in the FOR column, without a single argument, why it is so sweet to live in humane people and breathe exhaust fumes, we recall as much as 3500. How they were collected, said the Mother of God working in the area Lyudmila Belova:

“We were raped for about 2 weeks (via WhatsApp) with demands to send our vote for the renovation of five-story buildings in the area where we work. They forced them to vote in favor and send them a screenshot of their vote. I didn’t wait ☺️- I wrote that people who directly live in demolished houses should vote for renovation, and I have no right to interfere in their lives. Lagging behind. But it seems that soon they will begin to "campaign" on the next vote"

Few residents doubt that if they are now “swallowing” an absentee discussion of projects on the Internet, then they will legitimize it in the future, and the opinion of Muscovites, who are already almost never taken into account, will not be necessary for officials and developers. Activist Maria Filatova warns neighbors about this: “I recently received an answer to my appeal, which says that if it weren’t for electronic voting, which, incidentally, is very legitimate, in their opinion .., there would be a delay in the resettlement terms, well, general implementation of the project... The meaning of the answer - you go to FIG with all your grievances.... Everything is going according to plan...."

The plans of residents and fathers of renovation do not coincide, Tatyana Kreschenskaya, the initiator of the lawsuit for the abolition of virtual voting, believes, in principle, defending the interests of not only opponents of renovation, but also those who are “for”, just tired of living in an old house and sincerely wants to update the area. Not everyone agrees with her. “Supporters will move and raise high that they were misled! Only it will be too late”, - Alexei Kuchinsky admonishes the “foes”. “Supporters are not particularly sorry - they tried to fuck something, but in the end they got it. In our God-saving power, all training is paid. Worse, all these unfortunate renovators have no idea about the development of the urban environment”.

In general, everything is as always: the failed and clearly commercial project of a particular quarter, again aggravates disputes around the renovation program, or even leads people to different sides of the barricades. And although in Moscow there are already plenty of convincing examples that free cheese happens only in a mousetrap, many people boil like Olga Susanina: “There are no plans for a point development???? Now this crap is apparently not called that??? 19B, first of all, a house for renovation, is this not a point building??? To push all this windows into windows - not a point building?”

Actually, the lawsuit was filed in order to nullify the fictitious discussion of the most important urban development issue in the uncontrolled open spaces of the network and to submit draft for public hearing.

So far, it has not been possible to solve this issue “peacefully” through negotiations with the city hall and force the designers to take into account the proposals and adjust the project in the interests of the residents of the region. This annoys people: “Why does anyone even have the right to recommend accounting or not? !!! In my opinion, all comments should be taken into account. What is this scam?!!!"

Nicolas Rosenbaum: “It depends on the alternatives. When you find out that you’re going to be relocated to a terrible 85-meter post, called a house, being built on the Open Highway in a noisy, gassed place, you involuntarily think about whether it would be better to stay in the low panel with a green courtyard”.

A deputy of the Moscow City Duma from Eastern Administrative District, a resident of the same district, Mikhail Timonov, who, as he said, "became skilled in catching crooks and revealing arrogant falsifications in all kinds of elections and voting", stood up for the residents. Tells:

- Today I participated in a zoom conference to discuss the planning projects for the territories of the Bogorodskoye and Sokolinaya Gora districts. The conference was organized jointly with Y. Nikolayeva (leader of the “My Moscow” faction), deputy chairman of the Moscow City Architecture Committee A. Ilyin, 1st deputy head of the GlavAPU (State budgetary institution of the city of Moscow "Main Architectural and Planning Department of Moskomarchitecture") I. Yegorov, employees of these departments, and regional activists.

At first, I proposed to cancel the result of electronic discussions and hold public hearings laid down by law, rather than asking for lawsuits. Then, representatives of the districts made the same proposal. Our negotiating partners paused to prepare written responses to our proposals. Based on the results of their consideration with the residents, we will understand whether there is a construct in this interaction. In general, communication ended in nothing. They promised nothing to us and didn’t reassure us anything”.

As time goes on, the Moscow government is about to approve the renovation project (usually it will be released a month or two after the public hearings, probably with public discussions as well), but there are no steps to meet.

“The situation in the region is heating up”, - says municipal deputy Ivan Khalezov. - In the context of the ban on public events because of the coronavirus, we have very few opportunities to express our opinion, but we find them. Residents massively place banners on balconies and windows against the renovation project, especially on Boitsovaya, Malaya Cherkizovskaya, Rokossovsky and Alymovy Lane streets - where it is planned to turn quiet intra-district streets into broadband highways and provide for years the area is a huge construction site. We have now the most popular question - where else to place a banner so that it can be seen from the city hall? And it doesn’t matter if your quarter is under the renovation rink or not. People fight for their rights, for a comfortable urban environment, for their neighborhood and their home.

It seems that the balcony protests are about to begin in two more districts of Moscow - in Zyuzino and Cheryomushki. The same story: in quarantine lured to vote on the "Active Citizen", all claims are crossed out and painted absolute support for their projects. “Well, why is all this a circus,” residents ask their city hall. - if people don’t care? Would you make only 1 point in the vote - “for” and everything would be fine with you!”

Only here it is not necessary to prompt! Everything is fine with them, if the Preobrazhensky court does not prove the opposite.

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