Emergency renovation: the act of arson commited against the family of Muscovites Dylevsky

Emergency renovation: the act of arson commited against the family of Muscovites Dylevsky
Emergency renovation: the act of arson commited against the family of Muscovites Dylevsky
7 September, 10:56CityPhoto: Новые Известия
A week ago, Novye Izvestia told the story of the family of a Muscovite Pavel Dylevsky, who fell out of favor with the authorities because of their refusal to move to worse conditions.

A fire that happened in a five-story building on Nizhegorodskaya street, 104, bldg. 3 on Saturday-Sunday night seemed to show that the authorities had run out of patience.

Lyudmila Butuzova

После пожара у семьи Дылевских отключили и свет, и воду, и канализацию
Photo:Новые Известия
Павел Дылевский все свободное время ходит по судам и прокуратурам

The fire in the house appeared, apparently, from the same series of renovation "interests". For the wife and son of Pavel Dylevsky, this almost turned into a tragedy.

- That evening I was preparing a room where you can take things out at least for a while. The wife and child were at home, the boxes were packed. We have dogs that bark at anyone who walks up the stairs or stops in front of the door. At about 8 pm they barked furiously. The wife did not attach any importance, since the employees of the State-financed entity "Zhilischnik" constantly climb here, break down doors and drag abandoned things, baths, sinks, old gas stoves. There were strong knocks, as if the door were being broken or something had fallen. She thought they were looters again. At 21.20, I opened the window to see what kind of smoke was on the street. Builders began to shout: "Fire, burn, run quickly!" And there already the whole sky is in smoke. The wife grabbed the child, animals, documents and ran into the street. Everyone in the car. Son in shorts, there was no time to look for pants", - says Pavel.

The firefighters have already been called. The Dylevskys' car was parked in a parking space. Firefighters shout - take it away! I had to go backwards on concrete and pits, tore off the muffler and bumper.

- Firefighters finished extinguishing around 1.30. - continues Pavel. - The relatives took my son at night in what he was wearing. Where are we going? Let's go to the old apartment. There is complete darkness, during the fire they turned off the electricity, water and gas. We ask the representative of the State-financed entity "Zhilishnik": when will you turn it on? He calmly replies: the house has been evicted, why do you need water and electricity? And so they did it in a metered fashion, after the scandals. We were exhausted, and now on September 1, the child is to be taken to school. It is she who binds us to the place, and does not allow for the sake of the interests of the city to infringe on the interests of the son and worsen his living conditions.

На пожар приехало 14 пожарных расчетов. Вывод экспертов: поджог!

So, the day before I tried to rent an apartment. We have horror price tags on Nizhegorodskaya. And most importantly, we have animals - 2 dogs, 2 cats. Almost everything, or little ones, or lost. Even with one small dog, they do not give up. Me yesterday in general, they drove into a corner, even my heart took hold.

But it became clear on August 27 at the Lefortovo court that we would not be thrown out into the street by washing us like that. In May, the same court ruled in favor of the DGI to evict the mother and child from Nizhegorodskaya Street, but without immediate execution, since there is nowhere to relocate them - no equivalent and suitable apartment was provided, and the Department of City Property did not agree to any negotiations and in principle refused to consider the conditions of the owners. The DGI considered the only option to be a successful solution to our housing issue - an apartment in the industrial zone, on the Fraser highway, from where it is only an hour and a half to get to civilization and school by transport. It is smaller than ours and, moreover, an independent construction expert found it unfit for habitation. We appealed the decision of the Lefortovo court, and the Moscow City Court returned the case for a new trial. The meeting was supposed to take place in early September. But suddenly DGI makes a knight's move - files a new claim to the district court with a demand - to evict forcibly and enforce the decision immediately. The same judge Boronina instantly examines the claim and makes a decision dictated by the department. On the appeal - zero attention, on the fact that there is nowhere to move - “does not apply to the case”, stood at attention and did what she required. As a result, I didn’t have time to get home - the bailiffs were already on the doorstep with a writ of execution: “You will not leave until Wednesday, we will take you out by force”.

The situation is desperate. I ran to the Moscow City Court with a petition to stop the eviction. There is a turn from the gate: a new decision has not been received from the lower court, and the old one has already been sent to them for review. He rushed to the deputies, called the reception of United Russia - they don't see any problem in moving from one apartment to another. Themselves such laws were adopted and pushed, and what we are not considered people - this is the lyrics, it has nothing to do with the legislation. I decided to go to the bailiffs in the morning, explain the situation, if not really animals, maybe do it humanly. Until 4:00 pm, he pounded their thresholds, tried to get to the leadership, - it was useless. There were 200 people at the appointment with the manager, about 100 got in, it is impossible to make an appointment, everything is jam-packed and the site does not allow you to do this.

In the end, I called him from the lobby at the internal number, he picked up the phone: "the turn will come - we will consider your question." Wait until the new year, not earlier, we by that time let's die on the street. He knows our question very well, the bailiffs are in full contact with the DGI and just like the judges, execute any order of the department.

Окружная прокуратура "притормозила" решение суда о выселении семьи

I rushed to the district prosecutor's office: they are being illegally evicted, help! They rinsed my brain there for two hours, asked for all the data in order to make an entry in the journal "about the consultation provided according to the law." In fact, culturally sent. Immediately from them I went to the district prosecutor's office, there was the deputy prosecutor on duty, I told him He explained the situation, handed over all the documents, he studied and said: the court did it all very muddy! Asked to write a statement, specified when the forced eviction, and promised to resolve the issue with the bailiffs on the same day, Friday. And so, somehow the district attorney's office influenced the bailiffs, although no one believed that it would work out. When in the evening the prosecutors sent a paper that the bailiffs had slowed down, and we can live in peace until the housing issue is resolved, tears ran straight away. It was already quite late in the evening, and, I think, DGI did not know yet, that the prosecutor's office thwarted their plan of operation. But what to expect from them now is a question. For two years of communication with the department, I was convinced from my own experience that these officials will not just leave the "offense", there will be a "response": they will not be evicted, that means they will be driven out.

I was not mistaken. On Saturday, while we were stuffing things in strange corners so that they would not be "lost" during transportation, the police came to our house. This was reported by the builders. Soon there was a phone call: they say, there was a signal that you have a weapon in your apartment, open it, we will check it. It was felt that this was a provocation, psychological pressure, so that we quickly vacate the apartment. How to proceed? Not letting in - it's worse for you, they'll sew up resistance to the police, if you let them in, you don't know what they want to find. He began to call the district policeman - like, don't be afraid, there is an order from above, I myself will see what you have and leave. I came and saw whether we were preparing to leave or continue to hold the defense. I didn't find a weapon, except for a ladle we don't keep anything in the house. Later I managed to find out what kind of "signal from above" was. It turned out that it was just a letter to the phone to the police from the head of our council Ivanchenko: they say, they have infa - supposedly, we own weapons and since we are not being evicted of our own free will, we can resist. Everything is strictly according to the DGI manual, how to intimidate and throw people out into the street. All social networks are overwhelmed with descriptions of these methods, but when you collide yourself and your child of eleven years old comes under attack, the essence of what is happening in Moscow, "prettier" under Sobyanin, becomes clearer: officials are afraid of resistance from Muscovites - they understand what they are forcing people with their lawlessness...

If you have other words, name it something more careful. Or explain to me why the roof of the house accidentally caught fire as soon as I got our eviction canceled through the DA. The roof was completely burnt out. The firefighters said that it is 100% arson. Yesterday there was an expert from the Ministry of Emergency Situations, understand the whole form.

All news agencies reported about the fire in Nizhegorodskaya, "in a completely resettled house," citing official sources. The same "sources" who fled to the fire, diligently avoided watching our family wandering to spend the night in a torn apart apartment, without a roof and with a completely destroyed communal apartment. At 3 o'clock in the morning I went to Avtozapchasti, bought a lantern and a tourist tile with a gas cylinder - at least to make some tea. And so we live in complete darkness and without water. Out of need, sorry, I have to run to the shopping center or McDonald's. Only Mosgaz showed human sympathy - “we have no right to turn you off,” they promised to resume gas supply from day to day. And everything else that is through the DEZ (local building-utilities administrator offices - editor's note) is not included. The wife demands, in response to her: the house is to be demolished, why do you need water and electricity?

From the mayor's office - not a sound, we, apparently, have not only been deprived of our own homes, but also written off from life.

I have always been a patriot of my country, I was proud of my capital - Moscow, where I was born, raised and started a family. We were happy - I say this without any pathos. Sergei Semenovich Sobyanin, your renovation and your officials took everything from me, ruined and ruined our life. Did you really want this - to turn my family and my young son into pariahs in their hometown? This is a question that I would like to find a reasonable answer to in court. I am forced to file a claim against you personally. You left me no other choice.

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