Figure of the day: over 30 billion rubles saved the Moscow authorities on blocking social cards

Figure of the day: over 30 billion rubles saved the Moscow authorities on blocking social cards
9 March , 14:48City
In connection with the decision to unblock social cards, an important question arises, where did the money saved on blocking them go?

As you know, the Moscow government has decided to unblock social cards for Muscovites over 65 years old, as well as for citizens suffering from chronic diseases since March 8, 2021.

Journalist Andrey Zbarsky has calculated how much money the Moscow authorities have won, starting in September last year for such a measure:

“About a generous gift from the Moscow boss.

There are 3.2 million pensioners in Moscow. Monthly unlimited travel only in Moscow 2.900 rubles. (And they took away the travel on regional buses and on suburban trains.)

"Care" of Mr. Mayor to suspend free travel on public transport for Muscovites over 65 and citizens suffering from chronic diseases has been in effect for almost seven months.

Even if this right was taken away from 70 percent of pensioners, and the wholesale discount of transport workers is 30 percent, then how much “savings” will Moscow bosses put into their pockets for almost seven months of “care” only in Moscow?

I got 4.646 billion rubles a month.

And this is without the cost of selected travel on suburban trains and buses, which is at least another 20 percent of this amount. That is, only about 5.575 billion rubles a month. Or about 200 million a day (!!!). Yes, for that kind of money, our caring bosses...

That is, this “concern” has already brought in well over 30 billion rubles...

Who? Where did this money go?

On tiles on tiles or tiles on asphalt?

Or for a prize for the best officials for economy at the end of a successful year?

How is it, nothing personal?

About the non-arithmetic aspects of "care", such as forced "walks" in ice on snow porridge and in cold weather in search of medicines and for food, to medical institutions spread over several districts, reachable by several types of transport, thanks to another "care" of the mayor, t. n. "Optimization" of medical care, it seems to me, is worth talking separately, closer to the elections..."

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