A new wave of heat has come to Moscow

A new wave of heat has come to Moscow
A new wave of heat has come to Moscow
9 August, 12:09CityPhoto: Коношская ЦРБ
The air in Moscow and the Moscow region on August 9 will heat up to 30-33 degrees Celsius, which is 8-10 degrees higher than the climatic norm.

According to Vesti.ru with reference to the data of the leading specialist of the FOBOS Weather Center, Evgeny Tishkovts, by 8 am the air in the capital warmed up to 18 degrees, and during the day the heat will increase.

A zone of high atmospheric pressure has been established over the capital region. During the day, partly cloudy weather is expected, precipitation is unlikely, wind of variable directions.

"The daytime temperature in Moscow today will rise to +28, +30 degrees, in the Moscow region from +25 to +30, and in the south of the region in some places to +33, which is 8-10 degrees higher than the climatic norm in August", - the message says.

According to the observations of meteorologists, the summer of 2021 turned out to be one of the hottest in more than a century of observations.

Experts attribute this to rapid climate change: under the influence of the actions of people massively cutting down forests and disrupting the natural balance with harmful greenhouse emissions, the air temperature on the planet is rapidly increasing. This leads to rapid melting of glaciers, floods and other natural disasters.

For example, German climatologists have found that melting snow cover in Greenland slows down the current in the Atlantic so much that it is more than ever close to a standstill. This threatens to become one of the turning points in the history of the Earth and lead to dramatic consequences.

In conditions of abnormal heat, lethal wildfires began in many regions.

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