Celebration without the borders: Azerbaijanis celebrated the capture of Shusha in Moscow

Celebration without the borders: Azerbaijanis celebrated the capture of Shusha in Moscow
Celebration without the borders: Azerbaijanis celebrated the capture of Shusha in Moscow
9 November 2020, 15:22City
With the indifference of the Moscow police, Azerbaijanis rushed through the streets of the capital of Russia in cars, violating traffic rules and waving Azerbaijani and Turkish flags. So they celebrated the capture of the former capital of Karabakh - the city of Shusha.

President of Azerbaijan Aliyev announced the capture of the city of Shusha in Nagorno-Karabakh. And although the official representatives of the Armenian Defense Ministry refute these statements, they report about battles on the territory of the city of Shusha and in its vicinity, Azerbaijanis are already celebrating this event noisily.

Yesterday they raged, waving Azerbaijani and Turkish flags in the Russian capital. The action began at the Food City grocery market on Kaluzhskoye Highway, as well as at the Dubrovka market on Sharikopodshipnikovskaya Street, in the parking lot at the Mitinsky Market, and even in the center of Moscow near Red Square.

According to the testimony of Muscovites, it all looked frightening even during the day. For example, Sergei Karnaukhov, Associate Professor of the Department of Law of the RANEPA, writes: “My son could not leave for a long time now, the road was blocked by a “solemn escort” with Azerbaijani flags leaving the Dubrovka market".

The closer to evening, the louder the holiday became. Tsargrad even reported: "The statements of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev about the capture of Shusha and the imminent victory in Nagorno-Karabakh were enough for the war to spread from the region to the streets of Moscow...".

The fact is that the celebrating Azerbaijanis not only rejoiced, but also looked for Armenians everywhere, arranged a showdown, drove them through the streets, desperately honking.

Sociologist Grigory Turtsev is perplexed: “Are these the sounds of gunfire or fireworks? Azerbaijanis in Moscow do not stop talking. They are having a holiday, and the children get scared and cry. "And publicist Mikhail Shakhnazarov reminds:

“The anti-Macron picket at the French embassy was brutally cleaned by the fighters of the Russian Guard. And the authorities do not react to corteges with Azerbaijani and Turkish (!) Flags, signals and traffic blocking. Strange selectivity..."

True, later Moslenta nevertheless reported that the police were ordered to stop people waving flags from cars, and even send migrant offenders to their homeland. “ All those who are inside the car will also be detained. The same decree is in the northern capital..."

So, in Vidnoye, four cars were detained at once, the drivers and passengers of which were too loudly expressing their joy.

True, most Russians do not know why Azerbaijanis are so happy? This morning "NI" received the piercing text of the journalist from Baku Vugar Seyidov:

"Just open the map and look. Without my prompting, yourself. Not freeing Agdere, not freeing Khojavend, not freeing Aghdam, not freeing Askeran, not freeing Khankendi and not freeing Lachin, freeing what is hidden in the center of all this - Shusha is just FANTASTIC! This is simply INCREDIBLE! Come on, object to me, tell me that "it is not so."

The liberation of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces of the city of Shusha will become a golden page in military science and military history of all mankind!

Shusha is the “Jerusalem of the Caucasus”. Its fortress walls are the Wailing Wall. And the Yukhar Govkhar Agha Mosque is Al-Aqsa Kavkaza, its Mecca and Kaaba.

Shusha for Azerbaijanis is like Big Ben for the British, the Statue of Liberty for the Americans, Sergiev Posad for the Russians, Salzburg for the Austrians, Versailles for the French, Forbidden Town for the Chinese, the Vatican for Catholics. This is the center of the spiritual culture of Azerbaijan, its soul. The same casket that contains the genetic code of the Azerbaijani nation. There is no nation without this casket.

This is what Shusha is. And it is also called the "conservatory of Azerbaijan" by the number of composers, singers, ashugs it generated.

The Armenian groups are now mocking, they say, "but look, how many of yours we put there." By God, it's funny. Listen, unfortunate ones, do you still think that Azerbaijanis would have stood for the price to free their hearts?

To understand what Shusha means for Azerbaijanis, it is enough just to read the message of Armenian sources two days ago, having a preliminary idea of the location of this truly impregnable fortress city (for reference: it is located on a plateau, on three sides of which there is a sheer smooth rock, maybe hundreds of meters, and from the fourth - a well-fired narrow multi-level serpentine):

“They [Azerbaijani soldiers] in the drizzling rain threw themselves on a wet rock, climbed up, and we shot them with machine guns. They fell at the foot, and others climbed after them, and we also crumbled them. Behind them, more and more new ones walked along the heap of bodies of lifeless comrades and climbed up.

You know, this is not some beautiful legend, but what the Armenian journalists themselves write from the words of the Armenians who defended the city-fortress. Shusha became their "Galipoli" for Azerbaijanis. There, on the plateau, was hidden a dignity stolen from the nation 28 and a half years ago, which had to be saved.

Now let there be at least one creature that hints at the "cowardice" and "lack of motivation" of the Azerbaijani warrior. Come on, tell me again the tales about some mythical "Syrians", "Iraqis", "Uighurs", "Mujahideen", "Jihadists", "Martians", invented by your propaganda machine (which, by the way, is not only working as much from Yerevan as from Moscow TV studios and editorial offices under the direction and with the participation of Aram Gabrelyanov, Gayane Bagdasaryan, Margarita Simonyan, Andranik Migranyan, Sergei Kurginyan, Tigran Keosayan, Garik Martirosyan, Semyon Bagdasarov, Roman Babayan, tell me about ...) those who “bargained” 2000 dollars for their lives.

All this is for your own all-swallowing cattle, willingly ready to hawat anything, partly also because it is not very comfortable after thirty years of myths about your "invincibility" and "cowardice" of the opposite side to admit that you shot on that steep slippery rock, but, at the same time, they suffered defeat not from someone else, but from an Azerbaijani warrior.

And now you live with this inconvenient truth.

And no "evenings with Solovyov" will now help you to overshadow this truth, no matter how much you say there that you are a "warrior people" and your enemy is a "merchant people" who will never "defeat you" (Sarkis Tsaturyan, are you reading these lines now?). Those same "traders from the markets", who were ridiculed by you in your privatized television studios, climbed those smooth, like glass, hundred-meter-high cliffs, and they drove those very "fearless and invincible fedains" of yours.

Live now with this bitter truth!"

It remains to be recalled that exactly 32 years ago, in the fall of 1988, Armenian nationalists first expelled all Azerbaijanis from Karabakh, and then from Armenia. Having carried out an "exemplary" ethnic cleansing, Armenia became the first and only Soviet republic with a mono-national composition. The expulsion of hundreds of thousands of people was not without sacrifice and suffering. The result of a large-scale purge was the tragedy in Sumgait, the expulsion of the Armenians themselves from Baku, and then the war in Karabakh. Which has been going on for three decades...

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