Snowfall led to traffic collapse in Moscow

Snowfall led to traffic collapse in Moscow
Snowfall led to traffic collapse in Moscow
14 January 2021, 16:33CityPhoto: Twitter
Heavy snowfall that hit the capital led to traffic jams and icy conditions. The city authorities recommend that Muscovites use public transport, and drivers - to observe the speed limit and to abandon sharp maneuvers on the road.

"Unfavorable weather conditions have led to the fact that with a relatively small number of cars in the city serious traffic jams", - said in the message of the Moscow Department of Transport.

On the inner side of the Moscow Ring Road from Besedinskoye Highway to Lipetskaya Street, the most difficult situation has developed. The traffic jam there stretched for 8 km. On the same section, there is practically no traffic due to trucks towing at the 30th kilometer and occupying the entire roadway, with the exception of the extreme left lane.

Due to precipitation, Moscow airports were forced to delay and cancel more than two dozen flights. Eight flights were delayed to Vnukovo, seven were delayed and four canceled at Domodedovo, and five flights were delayed at Sheremetyevo, and two were canceled.

It's worth reminding that the night of January 14 became the coldest in Moscow since the beginning of winter. The thermometer dropped to minus 13.4 degrees.

Forecasters also warned in advance about the impending snowfall.

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