The bedbugs are attacking! Moscow pensioners suffer from parasites brought in by migrants

The bedbugs are attacking! Moscow pensioners suffer from parasites brought in by migrants
The bedbugs are attacking! Moscow pensioners suffer from parasites brought in by migrants
14 September, 16:03CityPhoto: Фото:
For several months now, a family of Moscow pensioners has been spending a lot of money to get rid of blood-sucking parasites, and no one wants to help them.

The editorial office of Novye Izvestia received a desperate letter from a Muscovite Victoria T. that for several months her family - two disabled pensioners and a schoolgirl granddaughter - could not get rid of bedbugs:

“We live in the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki area, on Marshal Tukhachevsky Street, in a 5-storey building that was included in the renovation list. A lot of migrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus have settled in our previously so prosperous and even elite region. I myself am from Tashkent, graduated from the university there and am friendly to people from the former republics. But this is what we unexpectedly encountered. A "family" from mountainous Tajikistan settled above our apartment, but these are not dad and mom with children, but residents of almost half of the rural village, which change from time to time. And along with the fresh tenants, bugs came to our apartment.

We have never encountered these "animals", and at first we tried to fight ourselves. Then they turned to the Khoroshevo-Mnevniki District Council. When I asked what to do, they told me: decide for yourself, no one will help you. Then I called the Zhilischnik management company, but they also answered me: we do not do this, all by ourselves. And I began to try myself, on July 27 we invited a private exterminator - the effect is zero. On August 9, we signed an agreement with a disinfestation company for treatment and with a 2-year guarantee after treatment. They have already treated our apartment 3 times with some kind of strongest "chemistry": xulat c25, sinuzan, and for the last time - avalon. We didn’t come in for 12 days (we still have a dog and a kitten), thank God we have a friend at the entrance, in whose apartment we spent this difficult period.

And on September 6, we finally returned to our apartment: we slept peacefully for 2 days, and on the third night everything repeated again.

The horror lies in the fact that the money was literally thrown into the wind (we are two elderly disabled people and a granddaughter who lost her father), and my health condition deteriorated sharply: I started having atrial fibrillation attacks against a background of stress. But all in vain, no one needs you in this country with its problems.

And here's another piece of news: the exterminator said that most likely it was necessary to make repairs and find bedbug masses. I called the Zhilishchnik administration about the repairs, but they didn’t really answer, saying that “everything will depend on building materials, but they are not there now...”

I sit and think: where to turn, who to fall at the feet or go to the polls, whom to vote for, so that my question is resolved. There is still a lot to say, it is very boiling..."

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