Strongest snowfall in 30 years in Moscow

Strongest snowfall in 30 years in Moscow
Strongest snowfall in 30 years in Moscow
14 December 2021, 10:38City
In Moscow, over the past day, 20% of the monthly precipitation rate - 56 mm - fell. This heavy snowfall was last recorded in the capital in 1989.

"Before that, the worst was December 7 - eight millimeters. So, at the base metropolitan meteorological station VDNKh, 9 millimeters of precipitation got into the precipitation gauge, in the city center, in Balchug - 11 millimeters, in Tushino - 10 millimeters”, - Yevgeny Tishkovets, a leading employee of the Phobos weather center, wrote on his Instagram.

Most of the snow fell on New Moscow - Mikhailovskaya and Dolgoprudny near Moscow. There was 12 mm of precipitation.

We also note that in the capital, due to icy conditions, fog and ice-rime deposits, the "yellow level" of danger has been extended until 11:00 on Wednesday, December 15.

Recall that on December 7, when the strongest blizzard in the capital led to nine-point traffic jams, up to 15 cm of snow fell in Moscow.

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