Attention, a trap! Scammers hiding road signs from the drivers operate in Moscow

Attention, a trap! Scammers hiding road signs from the drivers operate in Moscow
Attention, a trap! Scammers hiding road signs from the drivers operate in Moscow
20 July 2020, 12:37City
A new type of “business” has appeared in the Russian capital, whose representatives unfold road signs so that the drivers do not see them and thereby violate the rules.

As you know, even road signs are installed according to a certain standard, so that they are visible and understandable to all road users - both drivers and pedestrians. And it would seem that such a simple fact, not related to profit, cunning fellow citizens learned to use it to their advantage: they simply unfold signs so that they are not visible, thereby forcing motorists to violate traffic rules, including stopping in the wrong place. For a fee, of course. Public figure Alyona Popova writes about another such trap for drivers in her blog:

“Oh-oh, how rudely the evacuation of the car began to work. I understand that there is a crisis. But such a scam is overkill. I parked my car at VTB Arena and went to the shooting. There is no sign. I go out - there is no car. And there is a sign, but it is specifically turned away from the drivers. And so that none of the drivers who did not fly into the evacuation will see this sign. 100 %.

In this case, a person immediately approaches, who, probably, “knocks” on the tow truck. Commerce is as old as the world. But I do not like it so much when MADI "has" drivers that the sign will definitely not be here anymore. I'll make it unfold. Well, and still have to spend time again on this vile fuss.

Of course, I quickly made friends with a local connoisseur who “solves” such issues here. To his face I say: listen, well, we have to do business somehow more subtly. And he says: well, I want to help. I say: so you knock, but your colleagues turned away the sign. Well, why are you guys?

Well, in short, everything is as always. But this does not mean that we must live in a joke forever. I understand that the system teaches everyone that people can be put on cancer, but no. Bunnies, this is probably part 3 of article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. I understand that the hand washes the hand, but still..."

Popova is going to file a lawsuit against the road services of Moscow, and her readers named several more facts of such a "business", and even the tax that these "informers" have:

- I drove somehow to the post office in Smolenskaya, there are no seats, the rain is pouring from a bucket, I look at one place, I parked, I paid. I went to the post office, after 10 minutes I go out with a 10 kilogram package, there is no car, there was a place for a disabled person. There are no ramps for disabled people, there are no buses with a sliding pallet, and parking spaces are filled up, these are such traps for drivers.

- The city is full of such traps - they regularly harvest crops on Shchepkina, for example, - they specially left a pocket across the sidewalk and put the car themselves as a "decoy duck"...

- These informers receive 100 rubles from the car.

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