The most powerful autumn storm in 73 years hits Moscow

The most powerful autumn storm in 73 years hits Moscow
The most powerful autumn storm in 73 years hits Moscow
20 September, 14:49CityPhoto:
The first serious autumn storm with strong gusty winds and cold lingering rain came to the capital. There hasn't been such bad weather for over 70 years.

According to the Gismeteo portal, the average daily temperature in Moscow dropped to +6, last weekend the first serious frosts were noted down to -4, and now the first autumn storm has played out.

“Moscow found itself at the junction of weather systems, in a deformation zone. Warm air makes its way from the south, arctic cold pushes on from the northeast. Over the past night, a third of the monthly norm of precipitation fell, wind gusts reached 16 m / s”, - the meteorologists note.

On the eve of forecasters warned that in some areas of Moscow the rain was so strong that it will bring a third of the monthly norm of precipitation. There has not been such a powerful rain for more than 70 years. According to Vesti, similar, but less intense showers were noted in 1951 and 1959. Forecasters indicated that wind gusts can reach 18 meters per second.

The metropolitan department of transport warned that in such weather it is impossible to park and stand under trees and wobbly structures.

“If you decide to go somewhere by car, keep your distance and avoid sudden maneuvers”, - the Department of Transport advised.

According to forecasts, the autumn storm in the capital will last for three days. It will be cold during the day: the air temperature will not rise above + 5... + 7 degrees, while strong wind and rain will remain.

Warming up to + 11... + 13 should be expected only in the second half of the week, but this temperature is noticeably lower than the climatic norm.

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